Sunday, January 27, 2008

Choke, movie grosses, and trailers

I noticed something while I was reading through recaps of Sundance. Most of the articles revolved around the fact that, despite the writers strike, few films were being picked up. Now some of the articles thought that the possible resolution to the strike was one possibility, while many mentioned deals in years past that had failed to produce returns. However, it really started to bug me that all of the articles only mentioned domestic returns. What movie studio focuses solely on domestic returns these days? It's like the reports that the Golden Compass was a flop or Stardust was a bomb. The Golden Compass made over 100 million for New Line (less marketing). Stardust nearly doubled its production budget, even before an additional 30 million from DVD rentals. Making movies solely for an American audience isn't profitable anymore.

Anyhoo. On that front, Owen Gleiberman over at EW has a great article on why Fox Searchlight, one of the best Sundance flick distributors, made the right decision in purchasing Choke. There is also a great review over at First Showing. And on AICN. Oh, and Choke got a special jury prize for work by an ensemble cast.

Elsewhere; the Coen bro.s got the DGA award. And I'm definitely behind on seeing No Country for Old Men.

Trailer round-up; Smart People. I personally really dislike Sarah Jessica Parker, but I do like Ellen Page. I've heard some good buzz out of Sundance, so I think this one is a maybe.

Shutter. Oh, Pacey. You're just never going to have a career, are you?

88 Minutes. I'm sort of surprised to see Al Pacino in this. It looks very routine. If you want a crime thriller why not go check out one of these instead? Or, if you want a twister involving Death Row, I liked the underrated Life of David Gale.

Sleepwalking. You know, Charlize Theron had potential. Maybe it was eaten by the giant bow monster. And Nick Stahl seems like he has potential, but I have a hard time seeing him and not thinking Sin City. *shudder*. For loner turned around by a young girl, go rent Lawn Dogs.

The Accidental Husband. Awww. Jeffrey Dean Morgan. When his character died, I gave up watching Grey's Anatomy. Because much as I enjoy storylines featuring multiple people impaled on a pole, his character was the only remotely likable person in that nuthouse. Plus, he kind of reminds me of Robert Downey Jr.-lite. (Hey, was that the guy from Office Space in that trailer? Whoa. Where have you been for 10 years?) Anyways, I hope Mr. Morgan eventually gets some kind of role beyond a film that has COLIN FIRTH in it. He of the disgustingly sappy romcoms in the world. Blech. And hopefully the Life Before her Eyes gets Uma Thurman some better parts as well.

The new Get Smart international trailer. Awww... the teaser had me all excited and now? Not so much. Missed it by thaaat much. I'll wait and see on this one. Although maybe Steve Carrell should tone down the work load and focus on quality, rather than quantity.

Animals. Naveen Andrews as a werewolf. No, really.

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