Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Squirrels and toasters!

Sooo.... been a while, yeah?

Sorry about that. Things have been ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Quick rundown:

1) Still don't have a laptop. Working on it.
2) Spent a week in Ireland. Hung out with the best people on earth, had tons and tons of fun, stayed up waay too late, drank too much, and ate too many chips. It was fantastic. Plus we did Jameson and Kildare, which I hadn't before, so... awesome.
3) Went to book club, which was lots of fun. Had a great night. We had read the Ydiish Policemen's Union, and we're doing The History of Love next. Not that we spent more than half an hour on the book, but still...
4) Was in a car wreck. As in we were driving along, were slammed from the side, I couldn't get out of my door and the car might be totaled. Luckily, I escaped with only a few bruises and scrapes, and my neck cracks a bit more now. Whiplash - whee!
5) Played in the dirt on Earth Day.
6) Am absolutely slammed at work getting ready for Dr. Jane's visit to Boston. AHHH.

7) Finally, and most in my mind, saw Eddie Izzard last night at the Orpheum. (Right - on my birthday.) OH MY GOD. While the show was only in its second night, so not entirely polished, he was completely fantastic. Totally brilliant, so funny. I can't even begin to remember everything that had me doubled up with laughter. I think he is my favorite person alive right now. I can't wait to see how the act changes and gels by the time he gets to the Kodak and (I'm assuming) films it. I do wish there were a bootleg of last night's performance, though. And: he was like a fucking rock god walking on stage - the place didn't stop screaming and calm down for ages and ages. At one point he mentioned a topic that had been in... maybe Circle? I can't remember what it was now for the life of me. Maybe giraffes? Anyways, of course the crowd went nuts and he goes, "Jesus, I can't say a word I've ever said before" and goes off on that. At another point a woman in the front row put her purse on the stage and he went off on that. "Would you do that at Hamlet?" [Side note: most restless audience EVER. Long show+no intermission+beer = not a brilliant idea.]

Right. So. that's my life right now. I'll probably disappear for a bit again until after Dr. Jane is gone, but I am going to try really hard to be more punctual, despite the lack of internet.
Movie news? After 2 weeks, I'm 201/968 in the box office challenge (I'm behind because I couldn't get on the computer after the car wreck and had to direct my brother to submit my picks and Harold and Kumar wouldn't load and yada yada yada. I'll be in the top 50 soon!)

While in Ireland, Kristl, Saki and I went to see Pathology which was AMAZINGLY terrible. And yet, totally worth the price of admission. I was disappointed that they didn't focus more on the undetectable/interesting ways of killing people, which was a promising plot for a thriller. Instead, you got a lot of drug use (because I know so many med students who smoke crack), a token bisexual asian girl, an entire club of pathologists turned on by dead people, a girl who uses scalpels in sex play, one member of the group whose name YOU NEVER LEARN, and a ton of gaping plot points. On the other hand, you get lots of naked Milo Ventimiglia, so... worth the $9 euro, I'd say. And fair play to the director for going R, instead of some wimpy PG-13 route. We probably should have picked 21 instead, but we knew it would be trashy fun, so we had a good time. Particularly bashing it on the way home.

I also saw the 3:10 to Yuma, which I enjoyed, although I think the Assassination of Jesse James is a more interesting take on the Western genre, and Wordplay, which was quite cute.

I have a ton of newsy stuff to catch up on, but I'll do that in a separate entry.

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Anonymous said...

I was at the Orpheum!! & I love him too!!
He said the purse was like a flag (DTK) in his eyeline!
I loved 'Macbeth' every other syllable!!
& the self-destruct bit.
& happy belated birthday! =)