Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And she's back!

Sorry to be MIA for awhile. I worked some insane number of hours last week to help out with all of Dr. Jane' s events. Luckily, I think the whole week went off very, very well, so I'm quite pleased. Plus Dr. Jane (and the wonderful Mary Lewis) came over to give me a hug at the end of the events for helping to put things together, so I was really touched by that.

In movie box office game news, I ranked 25th for the weekend of May 2nd, and 23rd for this last weekend. That brings me to 112th overall, and I think there are about 1400 players. One of these weekends I'm going to rock out and win the whole thing. I can totally do it.

I haven't seen any new films since Iron Man; I've been far too knackered. However, my brother and I got my mom a Tivo for mother's day/ early birthday, so I have a few things that are now being saved for me. Yay! (I did rewatch Velvet Goldmine, which I really enjoyed. I do think some of the music video sequences could have been edited a bit, but overall I think the visuals are just so much fun. It really made me anxious to see I'm Not There (Todd Haynes is the director for both). Plus, who doesn't love a movie about boys in makeup?)

Narnia seems to be getting good reviews. And as it has Ben Barnes, I think I'll go check it out this weekend.

Sorry most of the linkspam is all cinematical; I've been too busy to go for breadth in my movie news sites.

Cannes is on!! YAAAY!!! Blindness seems to be getting pretty good reviews. Learning that Gael Garcia Bernal is in it makes me way more interested; Mark Ruffalo might be a good actor, but Bernal is fascinating. Cinematical has a Cannes preview here. I'm most excited for the Changeling and Synecdoche, NY (I adore Charlie Kaufman).

Choke got pushed back to late September (according to cinematical)???? WTF?!?! I guess autumn might be a more appropriate time for it, given the subject matter, but dammit. I need my Sam fix!

Speed Racer Crashes and Burns. Mwahaha. Of course, I'm sure the Dark Knight will do fantastically (now that's how you run a campaign), but I'm kinda pleased that the Speed Racer fiasco hits the WB when they cut off Picturehouse and Warner Independent (that fabulous studio that released Snow Angels). As for Speed Racer, it looks like it has great visuals, but I'm saving my big screen funds for Iron Man and Prince Caspian; I never saw the show as a child, and I don't get the fuss over Emile Hirsch. I feel he's like Shia LaBouef; the studios are more convinced of his appeal than the general public (although I guess the returns for Disturbia counter that theory? Then again, it was a savvy release date; right in the doldrums of the movie release schedule).

The new X-Files trailer I really enjoy how some people (often the same ones who whine about movie trailers giving too much away) are whining that it is cryptic. It's the X-Files. I'd be pissed if it weren't. Although can I mourn Scully's hair for a moment? I think it used to be so much prettier. The long cut doesn't seem to work on her.

Oh my god; I am loving this graphic over at the NYTimes. Wheee!

Unofficial Watchmen set report.

I know this is a few days old (I've been BUSY!) but here is the really negative Indy review. And here is a sorta more positive one. My mom keeps talking about how excited she is for this one. And it was theoretically "the most anticipated summer flick of 2008." I don't get it. I'm completely ambivalent over this. Harrison Ford is old, Shia La Bouef is annoying, and no one was really clamoring for a new one after all these years. Iron Man? Whee! Dark Knight? Can't wait. Wanted? Check. Choke... well I'm going to ignore it being pushed back. Those were the movies I was excited for. Speaking of previews, I like the Chronicle's Summer Movie Preview (I must've missed EW's this year). Here's their take on Indy;

"The big picture: "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."

Why you should care: Even at 108 years old (give or take), the hat still fits Harrison Ford. Karen Allen returns, and Steven Spielberg is once again running the show. The trailer looks fun, and any movie that features Cate Blanchett looking like a dominatrix can't be too bad. Assuming you didn't hate either of the other sequels, this one is pretty much airtight.

Why you shouldn't care: Considering how much time has passed, who will replace the Nazis as the main villain? The hippies? We're really bummed that neither Sean Connery nor John Rhys-Davies reprised their roles.

If you don't see this movie ... : Then you're a person who doesn't like filmmakers who call their movie "The Last Crusade" and then make another one anyway."

Australia Set to Screen series

George Clooney will 'Stare at Goats'.

David Cronenberg digging the Timecrimes remake? (I really enjoy the director at a Sundance party story). Timecrimes sounds like a really interesting film, although I wonder if it's ever going to be possible to see the original? It's gotten such great buzz, I'd be really interested to see it.

Top movies filmed in SF (mapped by location) I'm a little confused though. Wasn't the Maltese Falcon filmed there? Or did they film in SoCal even though it's set in SF? Doesn't part of the 2nd Thin Man happen in SF, too?

I Love You, Phillip Morris poster (and others). I find that image strangely hypnotic. Also, pastel polo shirts in prison?

Wanted goes viral.

Old Superheroes!

Trailers: The Edge of Love (yay Cillian Murphy!), City of Ember, Traitor, Waltz with Bashir, The Mummy teaser, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, August, and because I can't remember if I posted it before, Igor.

Cleolinda's thoughts on Twilight (you know, the sparkly vampire book adaptation?) make me really happy.

Also via Cleolinda; Scott Glenn to play Rumsfeld for Oliver Stone.

Audrey Tautou Still Adorable as Coco Chanel.

Stunning-looking ‘The Fall’ is totally illogical. [Ed: Looks purty.]

Deschanel, Gordon-Levitt join '500 Days of Summer.'

And: 'The Spirit' Moves to Prime Christmas Spot. "Hey! It's a Very Frank Miller Christmas! I know I can't wait for whores in my stocking."- cleolinda

OOOH! This just in; CA (re?)legalizes gay marriage! The CA Supreme Court voted to keep it! YAY!

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