Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite actors

So I was filling out an entertainment survey, and after asking for favorite movies and tv shows, it asked for favorite actors and actresses.


Unlike naming favorite movies, actors don't really roll off my tongue. I had to think about it for awhile. (And favorite here meaning most enjoyable to watch. Not necessarily best, although the two occasionally go hand in hand.)

Sam Rockwell obviously. And Christian Bale is an easy pick, since he was my favorite before that. Past that, I guess a favorite would be someone I would be willing to spend $10 to go see, regardless of the material. Cillian Murphy fits that. Johnny Depp. Michael Fassbender, Matthew Goode, Nick Stahl, Dominic Cooper, Joseph Fiennes, Clive Owen, Ben Whishaw, Michael Sheen, Hugh Jackman, Edward Norton. I'd pretty much pay to watch any of these guys read the phone book. Oh - Derek Jacobi, too.

Also: Ewan McGregor (intermittently). Ditto Gael Garcia Bernal. Billy Crudup. Colin Farrell. Leonardo DiCaprio. Jake Gyllenhaal. Ryan Gosling. Casey Affleck. Timothy Olyphant.

Actresses? Much harder. While there are some actresses I really like, they don't get the same pick of roles, and there are few I would see regardless of the script. Angelina Jolie is really the only one, I think. Kate Winslet is brilliant, but I still haven't seen Revolutionary Road. Natalie Portman is reliable, but no Mr. Magorium for me, thank you very much. Vera Farmiga is excellent, as is Rachel Weisz. I would have said Winona Ryder when I was younger (come back Winona!). Julianne Moore is good, but I don't think I'd ever seek out her projects? Her name just tends to add an extra bit of credibility. Ditto Susan Sarandon and Laura Linney. Evan Rachel Wood is interesting, but favorite?? And it'll be interesting to see where Abbie Cornish, Eva Green, Michelle Monaghan, Ellen Page and Amanda Seyfried are in a few years.

TV? Even harder. I tend to think of actors for their particular roles. I love Jeffrey Donovan on Burn Notice, but half of that is the character, you know? David Tennant is good in everything I've seen him in, and I'd seek him out. But Michael C. Hall? Brilliant as Dexter. Michael Emerson? Brilliant as Ben. I might check out other projects of theirs, (but I didn't see Gamer). I'd probably check out something with Hugh Laurie in it. Gale Harold. Christopher Meloni is good. Lee Pace. Possibly Milo Ventimiglia and Nathan Fillion. Joel McHale. Will Arnett.

TV actresses? Portia DeRossi. Someone get her something new, stat. And Lena Headey and Summer Glau. Maybe Gillian Jacobs.

I think that while particular actors may peak my interest in a project, it tends to be much more the plot, critical reception, or artistry that convince me to actually pay. Unless it is Scoop, in which case - hey! Hugh Jackman wearing jeans! I'll pay to see that!

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