Friday, May 7, 2010

Long time no blog

Lots of catching up on life and personal work. Nothing much movie related at the moment, although I am seeing Iron Man 2 tomorrow, and hopefully Hausu on Sunday. We'll see if everything else gets done.

I am, however, 40th in my box office game (out of 3,216 players) and I'm entering a summer-wide contest for the top 5 earners this year. Here are my picks (May 7th - Labor Day):
1. Iron Man 2 - $370 million
2. Toy Story 3 - $359 million
3. Twilight: Eclipse - $316 million
4. Shrek 4 - $292 million
5. Inception - $243 million

So now I can check back in 4 months and see if I was remotely accurate. (I'm hoping for Robin Hood to be the big flop of the summer. Mwa ha ha.)

Also, Mick LaSalle has a particularly great column out today. (I tend to hate his reviews, but I love his column).

In other, non-movie news, I finished Being Human season 2, which I dragged out for as long as possible. *sigh* Only 8 episodes! And not another new one for like 8 months. Argh. I need a True Blood fix to help get me through.

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