Thursday, June 24, 2010


I thought I had missed a bunch of films while I was abroad (like Ondine and I am Love), but it turns out that they just haven't opened yet in Boston! I may, however, have missed Agora. Also, Perrier's Bounty is coming back, which I definitely want to see again. And there's a Dennis Hopper festival on at the Brattle, which has a few movies I've always been meaning to see.

I'm sorry the bigger releases aren't up to snuff this summer. I had hopes that the A Team or Jonah Hex could turn out to be campy fun. I guess I'll go watch District 9 again, instead. (I'll still be seeing Prince of Persia, though...) I'm debating Splice. It turns out that I was spoiled for the third act stuff a while ago, but I do like Sarah Polley...

While I was abroad I did manage to see I Love You Philip Morris, which is in the running for most cursed movie around since it STILL hasn't been released in the US. It's good, although it is much more dramatic than it is being marketed as. I also saw Nine, which was horrendous. Seriously, Rob Marshall, what happened?

As a reminder, Winter's Bone is currently out, and it is absolutely a MUST SEE film. This year's Hurt Locker, if you will. Please go check it out. And The Killer Inside Me opens next week and is worth checking out if you aren't too squeamish.

Due to being abroad I've dropped to 76th in my box office game. *sniff*

I'll try to post some travel notes soon.

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