Monday, December 31, 2012

My Most Anticipated Films of 2013

Slashfilm always runs a few articles this time of year, looking ahead to the most anticipated films of the next year.

First - the Runners Up:
Great Gatsby - I'm intrigued. I think it may be a trainwreck, particularly given the fact is was pushed back 6 months, but that green light will be coming RIGHT AT YOU.
Kick Ass 2 - The first one was awesome. I hope it keeps up.
Sin City - A Dame to Kill For.
The Conclusion of Breaking Bad. Okay - not quite a film. But seriously - there couldn't possibly be anything in entertainment I'm more excited about.

10. Pacific Rim. Charlie Day in an action movie. What?

9. Thor - The Dark World. I wasn't expecting to like Thor - but I really did. And Thor and Loki only grew on me in The Avengers. So - here's hoping the next one keeps the trend up. (No trailer yet, or official images)

8. Lone Ranger. It could be terrible. But the photography looks great, and I hope it could be like the first Pirates.

7. Catching Fire. LOVED the first Hunger Games. Can't wait for the next one. Jennifer Lawrence rocks. 

6. Star Trek - Into Darkness. The first one was awesome. I can only hope that a non-origin story will be even better.

5. Warm Bodies. It's a zombie rom com. For Valentines Day. Looks promising!

4. Much Ado About Nothing. The Whedonverse doing Shakespeare. Bring it on! (No trailer yet...)

3. Elysium. I mean... come, *on*. (Only teasers so far)

2. Stoker. Ahhhhh - SO EXCITED. That cast is fantastic and it looks deliciously creepy.

1. Gangster Squad. I was excited when this was due in September. I understand the need to push it back and reshoot the ending in the wake of the Aurora shootings. But god! What a fab trailer. What a great cast! Every time I see this, I can't wait for the film.

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