Thursday, September 5, 2013


Found on Tumblr...

Lord, 100 top songs! Love love love.

Ah, Jesus. I'm not sure I could pick just 5. Hmmm..... Spark, Sugar, Bliss, Playboy Mommy, She's Your Cocaine. But, but! Concertina! Space Dog (live)! Girl! Bouncing Off Clouds! Cloud on my Tongue! Rattlesnakes! Raspberry Swirl! Hey Jupiter! Suede! Precious Things! Little Earthquakes! Mr. Zebra! Caught a Light Sneeze! TOO HARD.

Can I pick one per album instead?
American Doll Posse - Teenage Hustling
The Bee Sides - Siren
Beekeeper - Martha's Foolish Ginger
Boys for Pele - Talula

Choirgirl - Spark

Little Earthquakes - Tear in Your Hand
The Live Bootlegs - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Scarlet's Walk - Amber Waves
Strange Little Girls - Strange Little Girl

Tales of a Librarian - Snow Cherries from France
To Venus - Bliss

And Back - Sugar
Under the Pink - Cornflake Girl (I actually listen to the alternate audio version on Librarian and the live version on To Venus and Back more....) So maybe Past the Mission instead?

Bonus Welcome to Sunny Florida footage of Father Lucifer:

I was actually at the BofA pavilion for that bootleg performance. It was her last night of being 41. Happy 50th, lady.

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