Monday, September 10, 2018

New Year's Resolutions and Bucket Lists

The past couple of years I've tried to be a little more intentional with some life goals/habits/resolutions, largely inspired by reading Leila's How to Win at Resolutions and Wil Wheaton's Reboot. I particularly like Leila's advice about trying again at a new time if you don't get to something the month you pick it (or even within 6 months), and the fact that Wil included fun goals along some more typical "new year's resolutions" type goals. So in 2017, I made a list of 10 goals or habits to cultivate. I did one (started volunteering again), but! I really liked doing it and I more generally liked thinking about or tracking to a set of goals.

So in 2018, I made mostly the same goals again this year. I fell a little bit into the trap of 'once I find the perfect organizer/planner, I will be organized,' but I've mostly remained on track, albeit sometimes at a slow pace, or trying again on something midway through the year.

Then recently I read about the idea of a 101/1,001 list. The idea behind it is to set a list of 101 specific, measurable tasks that can be accomplished in 1,001 days (not quite 3 years). In that way, you can be a little more concrete about action items ('I will take a baking class', or 'I will meditate for 10 minutes a day for one week', rather than 'start baking/meditating'.) Plus it gives you a time frame to try to tackle some bigger bucket list-type items, without that nebulous bucket list thinking of, 'someday I will go to Japan...'

This also meant transcribing an old bucket list, as I considered which items to put on the 101 list for the next 3 years, versus what should just stay as a "bucket list item"*. The really fun thing about this exercise** was recognizing how many bucket list items I'd crossed off since making the list in 2013. Even though it can feel like there's such a big world out there still to see (my bucket list is like half travel), it's nice to take a look back and see all the fun I've been having in the last five years:

  • I've been to the Santa Rosa Plateau, Santa Cruz Island, Coachella preserve, Carrizo Plain, and Elkhorn Slough
  • I've been to Montana (also, what?)
  • I've spent a week in NYC just seeing broadway shows
  • I've been to Borneo!
  • I've visited 22 new national parks (or revisited as an adult)
  • I've started volunteering again
  • I've gone camping in the redwoods again
  • I've organized my playbill collection (although I am DEFINITELY MISSING a couple of RENT playbills. Sniffles.)
  • I've attended a highland games! Hey! Recent cross-off.
  • I've attended a masquerade ball
  • I've been to Alcatraz!
  • I've attended the Gorey ball
  • I've visited the Top of the Mark and the Tonga room
  • I've been to Mister Jiu's and State Bird
  • I've done the tactile dome at the exploratorium
  • I've tried Humphrey Slocombe (overrated, but Salt and Straw is not)
  • I've done a tarantula walk on Mt. Diablo
  • I've gone whale watching in the bay area
  • I've continued attending Outside Lands (also a weird item, 2013-me.)
  • I've been to Calshakes
  • I've purchased season tickets to the Opera and Berkeley Rep
  • I've been to the DNA lounge
  • I've had a drink at the Edinburgh castle 
  • I've been to the new Alamo drafthouse! (So many times. So many, many expensive times.)
  • I've attended a movie in the park!
  • I've attended the Oregon shakespeare festival again
  • I've tried Zombies Run!
54 Bucket list items done! A mere... uh... lifetime's worth to go. (Hellooo Colorado/Utah national parks trips)

*Just to be clear, the 101/1,001 list isn't three years' worth of a bucket list. I mean I suppose it could be. But mine, and most of the ones I've seen, are a mix of aspirational (travel here/learn this skill) and practical (I have this thing I'm planning for/that money thing I really need to take care of soon.) So like a three-year plan, but with the fun stuff included?
**other than the planning. I'm an enneagram 7. I get half of my fun from anticipatory planning. 

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