Monday, July 29, 2013

Emmy thoughts

Belatedly (it has been a very, very long week), here are my Emmy reactions:

The Good
AHS got the most nominations for the second year in a row (Jessica Lange! Again! Some more!)
Breaking Bad! Bryan Cranston! Aaron Paul! Jonathan Banks!
House of Cards! Kevin Spacey! Robin Wright! David Fincher!
Mandy Patinkin and Rupert Friend were bright spots in an otherwise middling season of Homeland! (Aside from David Estes dying.)
Nathan Lane, Carrie Preston, and Michael J. Fox on The Good Wife! (I would've preferred Dylan Baker over Fox, but whatevs.)
Diana Rigg on GOT! (Overall, I thought the season started a little weak, and probably Lena Headey or someone else should've been up over Emilia. But whatever. It ended strong.)
Rural Juror for best song!
Anna Chlumsky, Mayim Bialik, Merrit Weaver and Tony Hale are all up.
Jane Campion's Top of the Lake!
Mad Men was shut out for writing. Mwahahaha....

The Bad
No Julianna Margulies (I'm kinda okay with that because from all accounts, Laura Dern was really deserving)
However, Emilia Clarke and Morena Baccarin? Really? Look, I want dragons, too...
No Justified. No Timothy Olyphant.
No Parks and Rec.
From what I've heard, no Monica Potter for Parenthood.
No Tatiana Maslany.
No Ben Whishaw for The Hour.
New Girl shutout (what?? Even Once Upon a Time got makeup and costuming nods.)
What does Alec Baldwin have on the academy? Thank god this is the last time he can be up.
No Corey Stoll. Boooooo.
I didn't care for Vera Farmiga's take on Norma in Bates Motel. But I like her. So...
Ugh. Downton. Enough already.
Enough with Modern Family already. Jesus. Have you people seen any other shows? Hint: they're better.
No Jennifer Carpenter for Dexter. She was SO GOOD last year.

The Ugly