Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm baaack!

Hello? (hello... hello...) Echo... (echo... echo...)

'Sup, y'all? Sorry to have been gone. I've had two very rough weeks at work followed by a week of the plague. I was going to update for the emmys (I might still post a mini-recap at some point - oh and I came in 123rd out of about 3100 in the Emmy prediction game), but I was seriously ill. Whatcha gonna do? Here's about a week's worth of news and stuff. It's been a fairly slow news time for films anyways - I feel like there's been very little buzz out of the film fests.

(Oh - AND I'm raked 46th in the Fall Box Office Challenge so far. I rock.) (Oh - and how to fix the emmys) (Oh - and Josh Groban? I think Defamer puts it best; "Say what you will about his talent, his popularity, his banality, his backstory, whatever, but the guy isn't stupid. He knew the position he was in, he knew the job he had to do, and unlike the hosts, writers and producers who pumped (and tape-delayed!) three hours' worth of bullshit into America's beloved televisions, he did his job. And he pretty much meant it — every outlandish segue into a condescending gospel choir or Muppet guest appearance seemed to nudge his energy incrementally higher. It was genuinely stirring, as in: We might not have finished our liveblog without it.")

There are a bunch of things I want to see in theaters, but the only thing I've been up to seeing through my sickness was RENT filmed live, since it was limited run and pricey. But well worth it. While it wasn't perhaps the strongest cast RENT has ever had, and the filming of the production was not always great (the camera often seemed placed about 2 inches too low), it was worth it to see Michael Greif's superb stage direction one last time. There were some standouts in the cast (Mimi had a very lovely voice), which made up for others who were particularly rough (Benny springs to mind). Were a DVD ever available, I would probably buy it, RENThead that I am, but I'll still probably watch my bootleg of the Angel cast more often. Still, since I couldn't see it live one last time, at least with this set, these costumes, and this direction, the filming made for a nice final way to see it, even when it lacked some of the thrill and energy of a live performance (that was particularly noticeable when Rent kicked in). And hey - at least it's better than the movie. Here's a clip of highlights.

Choke is out! Choke is out! It's been a monsoon here, so I have yet to brave the out of doors and see it, but I'll probably go tomorrow. Here are some reviews: Entertainment Weekly, Cinematical ("...there's only one reason why I would recommend you check out this film, and one reason only: Sam Rockwell."), New York Times ("It remains for Mr. Rockwell to create a center for a satire that is about not having a center. He distills a skeptical attitude of an under-40 everyman from the educated class (he is a medical school dropout): bored and cynical, concealing his hurt under layers of defiance, sarcasm and feigned indifference. Mr. Rockwell makes you see all the layers as well as feel the pain that lies beneath.") Speaking of which, Sam Rockwell in High School. 7: sex addicts on the silver screen.

Paul Newman dies

The Academy's re-opening! Yay! Check out the architecture here. It's gorgeous. (Speaking of which, a mile long line to get in.)

I've been reading a lot of Mark Morford of the SF Chronicle recently. Here's a good one on Palin. And the Good News and the Bad News.

Synecdoche, New York poster, Changeling poster, Valkyrie

Trailers: Benjamin Button tv spot / trailer here, For the pleasure of being robbed, badass final Spirit trailer (I know... it'll probably be bad. But I'm gonna go see it.) the Elephant King, Valkyrie, Timecrimes, Hunger (this looks amazing), Revolutionary Road, Deadgirl, Synecdoche, Waltz with Bashir, Year of the Fish,

Fan Rant: Can we focus on Keira Knightley's performances, not her ribs? (Which is a good sentiment, if the author talks about herself waay too much) and this is also funny because a few hours earlier a different writer when commenting on Kiera taking on Zelda Fitzgerald, wrote, "Keira does a decent job with these sort of roles, but Zelda was not a waif. I hope, at the very least, she tries to get that cherubic flapper look for the role." That's right, focus on her looks, not the acting job required. Also: 7 Knightley costume pics.

7: movies within movies since 2000

The essay on Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega

The most awesome magazine cover. Plus a great interview with Colbert and Stewart.

18 wild trips to the library

The Paddy's Pub Blog is fun for all you fans of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (how brilliant was the cannibalism episode?)

Hear the full Another Way to Die. I like it alright. I like the rhythm and the horns, but I'm not sure Alicia Keys was really utilized effectively.

I hate the new Sound Bites format, but John Krasinski's arms (9.24) crack me up

Watchmen legal update: dressing up as a comic book character solves everything!

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