Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Riddler

I don't remember if I linked to the Batman sequel fan art from a week or so ago, but in addition to the very cool pic of Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn, apparently there was also a mock up of David Tennant as the Riddler. How brilliant is that? I can't seem to find the poster anywhere else, but what a great casting idea. I would also like to see Johnny Depp in the role (that is, if the Riddler ends up in the next film). Other possibilities? Ryan Gosling, Edward Norton, maybe Joseph Gordon-Leavitt? Although I'm not sure he has the gravitas to pull that off quite yet. Hmmm - Guy Pearce? I've also heard Adrien Brody and Casey Affleck thrown out as suggestions, but I just can't see them enjoying the role enough. I've also heard Crispin Glover, but I think he's a bit too out there. Finally, Kevin Spacey has been mentioned, which is fun, but I can't see them casting someone significantly older than Christian Bale. Oddly. But I just get the feel that the new direction, in addition to being darker and more dramatic, is also younger. As for Paul Bettany, Neil Patrick Harris, David Hyde Pierce, or Robert Downey Jr.? Phhhhttttt. Now you're just throwing out names. (Watch: NPH will walk away with the role).

Out of all of these, I'm most sold on David Tennant. He has the manic energy, the sly wit - and he played a psycho in HP4 (well, and apparently in Secret Smile as well, though I haven't seen it). I love on Doctor Who when you watch as his mind jumps around at a thousand miles an hour, which would be perfect for the Riddler, who is supposed to be that clever.

Finally, I heard one person say that William Fitchner's name tag in the bank scene was Edward Nygma. Was that true, or wishful thinking?

Whoever they go with, I think someone talented without being too famous may be the way to go. Johnny Depp is good in almost everything he does, but his star power might overwhelm the character. Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart worked because they were known names, but smaller stars (and both very good). Cillian Murphy was even lesser known (despite being a fantastic actor).

Also - I completely forgot to mention before that I saw Red Dragon (how did they get that cast into such a giant mess?), Death Proof (Oh so awesome! AND Butterfly wears a shirt I own. Double fantastic.), and Murder by Numbers (it was late and I was tired. That is also what inspired the Ryan Gosling suggestion above). And Season 2 of 30 Rock over at Hulu. You know, to counteract the blood and gore.


phoenix said...

Giovanni Ribisi as the Riddler!

Roscoe said...

It's been a month. Update already.