Sunday, August 10, 2008

Save the Lips!

Not much going on here. I got a call from one of my best friends who is in Kenya, informing me that she is engaged (yay!) which means not only do I get to be a bridesmaid for the first time, but I get to help plan her hen night! Mwahahahaha....

Watching the olympics. They're using the Kaiser Chiefs as background music. I wonder how many Americans catch that? Also - there's an ad on for Kath and Kim, which I never got into in Oz. Bring over Rove!
Ha. And now the Sarah Connor Chronicles is on (I'm trying to catch up on what it's about before Shirley joins) and who should appear but Dean Winters! He was so fab on Oz. Hmmm... I'm liking it. Not anything groundbreaking, but plenty of action.

Saw Persepolis, which has terrific animation, and I think the storyline was streamlined incredibly well. I highly recommend it. Also saw Elizabeth: the Golden Age, which was very pretty, if somewhat convoluted. The first one was better. And I'm sorry Samantha Morton didn't have a lot to do as Mary Queen of Scots. (Also - why was Tom Hollander doing 2 scenes in the whole thing? What a waste of talent. Did he have a friend on set and swing by for an afternoon?)

Political: McCain's 'respectful' campaign, Vote for Bush? Pay up, McCain's green eyed monster, Mr. Darcy comes courting. Maureen Dowd is particularly good at the moment.

Hurrah for gorrillas and the WCS!

Bert and Ernie; Gangsta rappers

A map of olympic medals. Too much fun - I wasted a ton of time on this; who new Kiwis were so good at horses?

A Farm Boy Reflects

The Hot Ticket adds Cirque. I LOVE Cirque! Also - I'm on the hot ticket notification list for the second the RENT tickets go on sale.

Image of Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray, Colin Firth and Ben Barnes alone do not an Oscar Wilde adaptation make *sigh* I'm still sad they went with Colin Firth. Although maybe the middle-aged ladies will help bump up the box office. (I forget if I already posted these; Easy Virtue pics)

Trailers: The Lucky Ones, Happy Go Lucky, the Haunting of Molly Hartley, Fireflies in the Garden, Yes Man, The Informers, Winged Creatures, Role Models,

Positive Valkyrie review

Save the Lips!

Robbie Coltrane; teenage burglar

Saul and Dale before Pineapple express. Ha.

Sci Fi saves Shakespeare Man, I would give my right arm to see that Hamlet, but I can't imagine what the insane British Who fans would be like.

The Deal is better than the Queen. I really want to see the Deal. I thought Michael Sheen was fantastic in the Queen.

Latest Watchmen production journal

New LOSTies

Megan Fox is an NC-17 Mother Theresa

Movies that deserved a different rating

4 More Join Inglorious Bastards

Would you rather... I think I can easily say which one I'd choose (although sex tourism in Thailand? euch.)

Cloris Leachman is funny

Um... Josh Holloway? What have they done to your hair?

Kevin Smith wins his R (I love his quote)

Are you speaking Bat?

The cinematical seven: the Bechdel Rule

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