Friday, December 16, 2011

Golden Globe thoughts

Yay Albert Brooks!

Other thoughts:

American Horror Story! Whoo!
Bryan Cranston.
Jessica Lange! WHOOO!
The Hour!
Rooney Mara!
The Ides of March!
Michael Fassbender!
Brendan Gleeson!
Ryan Gosling! x2 (oh HFPA, you're so obvious.)
And again Albert Brooks!

No Dexter/Michael C. Hall
Berenice Bejo? Really?
Boss? Really?
No Jim Parsons, no Mandy Patinkin (I don't care so much, but I'm surprised.)
No Tree of Life?
No 30 Rock?
Not really surprising, but no Community or Parks and Rec?
No Andy Serkis.

Not ok:
Breaking Bad. WHAT. THE. FUCK. (sub heading: No Aaron Paul.)
No Gary Oldman. Boo.
No Muppets in comedy?

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