Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oscar party food

I forget if I've posted my oscar menus the last two years. (My best was black and white cupcakes for Black Swan last year, and prawns with cocktail sauce for District 9 for the year before.) I'm not throwing a party this year, but I still thought I'd try to come up with a menu for Oscar day:

Hawaiian pizza (The Descendants)
Crackerjack (Moneyball)
Fried Chicken (The Help)
Hush Puppies (The Artist (get it?!?))
Goose (War Horse)
Champagne, Gin Rickeys, and Absinthe (Midnight in Paris)
Creme Brulee (Hugo (because it might resemble the moon and it'll likely be a mess, much like the film)
A piece of modern art (Tree of Life)
A sense of despair for Oscar voters (Extremely Twee)
Coffee and sandwiches (Dragon Tattoo)

Obviously, you couldn't really serve all those. So maybe keep the crackerjack, hush puppies, and fried chicken. Could you do spam and pineapple for an appetizer? You need finger foods as much as possible. Keep the liquor. Ignore Hugo (as God intended). Maybe angel food cake with Devonshire cream for War Horse for dessert? Also good for the Artist: Oreos.

And I'm stealing this from another site: The Brie of Life.

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