Monday, June 4, 2012

Favorite TV posters

Since we were just discussing marketing with the Golden Trailer awards and movie posters, let's look at some TV posters. TV posters tend to just be ads, but they can still be clever, eye-catching, or particularly well designed. Here are some of my faves:

First up, a few well designed ones, but that aren't particularly original:

These are all good. I like the hearse riding into the sunset. I like the colors on Justified and the framing on Deadwood. And I like Stringer's reflection on The Wire.

The next few are more visually arresting. Summer Glau as a terminator:

Dennis Leary is crazy. I like how eye-catching this one is:

I like the distressed feel of this one, and how bold it is:

These two are both part of very clever marketing campaigns. The first, for Gossip Girl, played up the Family Council dislike of the show. Easy way to get teenagers to watch something: 'adults hate this!' And the HIMYM campaign with catch-phrases is pretty simple, but effective.

God, I love this ad. It was so visually arresting and such good marketing. It doesn't look like anything else out there and the colors, the creepiness, the font, all of it works perfectly for a horror show:

I don't watch Fringe, but I like this poster, since I know the show deals with alternate universes. Plus the shadow guys are intriguing. Very clever design.

The Walking Dead is sticking with a theme, but hey. If it ain't broke:

I particularly liked last season's Breaking Bad posters. The chemistry joke is cute, but the colors and menace emphasized the tense atmosphere.

The Season 2 poster for Dexter is one of my all time favorites. It is such a perfect photo. The later Shepard Fairey one is cute, too.

I like the design on this one, because it captured the atmosphere of the show so well. Cute, but not too twee, very DIY:

Um, spoiler alert. This season 2 Game of Thrones poster puts the most talked about moment of season 1 front and center:

Much like the District 9 posters, I enjoy any "alternative" ads that look like something coming out of the world being advertised:

This was a very cute way to drum up talk for a show that has been around a long time.

Mid-way through the run of Lost, they came up with these clever ads:

Vintage travel with a twist! As a comparison, here is one of the regular ads: (ominous and large cast!)

And, finally, my favorite ad ever:
Yup, still making me laugh.

More on two particularly clever campaigns in the next installment.

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