Sunday, June 3, 2012

Golden Trailers!

I forgot these were coming up, so I didn't get to say anything in advance, but let's take a look at the winners, shall we?

Best Action: Snow White and the Huntsman "Forever". Sounds good to me - this is one of my favorite trailers of the year. Mossy turtle! The Hunger Games "Trailer 2" and MI: Ghost Protocol "Trailer 1" were also nominated and both good, but definitely the right call on this one.

Best Animation/Family: The Muppets "Their Movie". Really? Out of all the clever Muppet trailers you go with the generic one? There were so many better ones! The only other trailer nominated which could have taken it is possibly Mirror Mirror "Beyond imagination". However, none of the trailers on youtube are titled that, so I'm not positive which trailer they are talking about.

Best Comedy: Bridesmaids "Red Band". Okay, I know everyone and their mother thought Bridesmaids was unbelievable. I didn't. More importantly, I don't think this trailer shows it off much at all. For an actual funny trailer: Ted "Red Band" and Tucker and Dale vs. Evil are actually funny. (Although I will point out again that the Tucker trailer gives away a few of the movies better gags.)

Best Drama: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But of course, after last year's Social Network win. Although I prefer the first teaser with Immigrant Song... The Ides of March and Tinker Tailor are both worthy nominees as well.

Best Independent: Take Shelter. Really good trailer (I, personally felt that the movie did not quite live up to it). The other trailer of note: Martha Marcy Mae Marlene.

Best Music: Another Earth. (Fox removed the trailer from the winning playlist (Thanks, Fox) so I am assuming it is the linked one above). I love any recognition for Another Earth, so yay.

Best Romance: Like Crazy. Yes. SUCH a good trailer.

Best Thriller: The Grey "Teeth Redband". Meh. The Bourne Legacy and Tinker Tailor are better.

The Don LaFontaine for best Voice Over: Arrietty "UK Trailer". I don't know - that poem is annoying. I prefer Johnny Depp in the Rum Diary. Trollhunter was also nominated, but I can't tell which trailer, because the ones I've seen don't have voice over, so....

Golden Fleece: Apollo 18. That seems right. A pretty good trailer for what looked like an awful film. Then again the movie still didn't look like it would be good. So... maybe W.E. should have won? That was a pretty trailer for a movie that did not get good reviews.

Most Original: Chronicle "Camera". That works; there wasn't anything particularly original this year. (The other nominees were The Bourne Legacy, Haywire "First Date", The Pig with the Froggy Tattoo, and one of the Pirates Band of Misfits trailers.)

Summer 2012 and Best in Show: Dark Knight Rises "Chant".  Prometheus "Not Alone" was also nominated for summer 2012, but again, none of the trailers on youtube are called that... If it was the teaser, then that deserves to be up there with Dark Knight. But I think Chant probably deserves it. I am so, SO hesitant about Anne Hathaway - something about her makes my skin crawl, but her speech about the rich being brought down makes me tentatively hopeful. Plus I love the way the sound cuts out on the field.

The complete list of nominees is here. It is worth checking out the poster categories at the bottom - they were big fans of The Ides of March and the Hunger Games teaser. They also have foreign trailer awards, going to trailers such as The Sleeping Beauty and The Hunter.

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