Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best Chase Scenes

I haven't seen Premium Rush yet, but... (nor have I seen The Seven-Ups, The General, Tell No One, Vanishing Point, Ronin, The Road Warrior... and it has also been a long time since I've seen the Blues Brothers.)

Special mention for those films which are largely one long chase (Thelma & Louise, Catch Me If You Can, The Fugitive, Logan's Run...)

Additionally, Run Lola Run isn't exactly a chase, a couple of short scenes aside, but it sure feels like one:

23. RocknRolla

22. No Country for Old Men

21. Trainspotting

20. The Dark Knight

19. The Italian Job (Edward Norton, what is on your face?):

18. North by Northwest. Short, but iconic:

17. Terminator 2

16. The Matrix - Neo

15. Tomorrow Never Dies (motorcycle chase)

14. Inception

13. GoldenEye - Bond and Xenia Onatopp. It may not be one of the most thrilling, but I wanted Xenia's outfit and car like crazy when I saw it:

12. The Matrix - Trinity

11. Gone in 60 Seconds

10. The Great Escape

9. Seven Chances

8. Death Proof

7. Casino Royale. Parkour comes to Bond.

6. Point Break

5. Bourne Identity

4. Drive - the first scene (here's the first 7 minutes of it):

3. French Connection

2. The Third Man

1. Bullitt. Obviously.

And speaking of Bond, this is pretty great:

As is this (I didn't include the sandstorm in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, but easily could have):

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