Monday, September 17, 2012

Doctor Who Meme

Day 01 - Your Favourite Who Quote
At the moment;

Day 02 - Your Favourite Classic Series Episode
Never seen any! Bad Whovian.

Day 03 - Your Favourite New Series Episode
Hmm - several contenders, but probably Tooth & Claw:

Day 04 - Your Favourite Doctor

Day 05 - Your Favourite Companion

Day 06 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Day 07 - Your Favourite Piece of Music
Doomsday. *sniff*

Day 08 - A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Happy

Day 09 - A Who-Related Photo That Makes You Angry/Sad

Day 10 - A Who-Related Photo That You Took
Say what? Well, I know the person that took this:
Adipose cosplay!

Day 11 - Your Favourite Season (Classic or New)
New - Season 2

Day 12 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
Dr. Who Who.

Day 13 - Your Favourite Villain
Daleks. Because they are ridiculous.

And yet occasionally still scary. 

Day 14 - The Villain Who Scared You the Most

Close second:

Day 15 - Favourite Who-Related Tumblr
Don't have one.

Have a boozy TARDIS instead:

Day 16 - Your Favourite Who-Related FanFic

Day 17 - A Piece of Who-Related FanArt

Day 18 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Day 19 - The Scene That Made Your Cry the Most
The end of doomsday.

Day 20 - The Character Who Is Most Like You
? An ood.

Day 21 - Your Doctor Who OTP
What is this youth-speak?

Ah... favorite couple:

Day 22 - A Who-Related Fan-Site

Here, have Craig instead:

Day 23 - A Who-Related YouTube Video

Day 24 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy
ARGH. I can't make this one work for some odd reason. Go here:

Day 25 - Favourite Who Actor
See below

Day 26 - Favourite Who Actress
There have been some great guest actors on Doctor Who, but mostly it is the actresses who stand out for me; Sally Sparrow, Harriet Jones, Rita, *not*Oswin.

My second choice is River. I hate her character arc, and the way Moffat fucked up the show with her story line, but I love her character.

But my first choice:

Non-Rose companion (because there's no Donna on here!):

Day 27 - An Episode You Wish Hadn’t Been Made
Love & Monsters. DO NOT WANT.
Only good for:

Day 28 - An Episode Idea You Created Yourself
One not being show-run by Moffat? (rawr.)

How about:
(not created by myself)

Day 29 - Who You Think Should Be the Next Doctor
Hmmm... I like the suggestions of Michael Sheen, Ewan McGregor, Anthony Head (what? They brought Martha back as her cousin. And seem to be heading that way with Oswin.), James McAvoy, Lara Pulver, Alan Cumming, Aiden Turner, Rufus Sewell, and Ian McShane. He'd never do it, but Cillian Murphy. Ooh - Ben Whishaw! Andrew Scott! Or how about the Weasley twins? Then they could shoot twice as many episodes concurrently and he'd finally be ginger!

Day 30 - Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

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