Friday, January 3, 2014

The race to the Oscar noms

I'm so behind on movies at the moment, its not even funny. Year-end is crazy, busy, and stressful and I haven't been able to go see anything for two weeks.

However, that all changes this weekend. (Not the busy stress part; the ability to go to the movies.)

Oscar nominations come out January 16th.

How many of the following do we think I can catch up on by then?

In theaters:
American Hustle (2hrs)
Wolf of Wall Street (3hrs)
The Great Beauty (2.5hrs)
Blue is the Warmest Color (3hrs)
Blue Jasmine (1.5hrs)
Her (2hrs)
Philomena (1.5hrs)
Inside Llewyn Davis (1.75hrs)
Dallas Buyers Club (2hrs)
The Past (2hrs)
Nebraska (2hrs)

On Netflix:
Ain't Them Bodies Saints (1.75hrs)
The Hunt (2hrs)
Post Tenebras Lux (2hrs)
20 Feet from Stardom (1.5hrs)
Fruitvale Station (1.5hrs)
Short Term 12 (1.5hrs)
The Spectacular Now (1.5hrs)
Prisoners (2.5hrs)
Byzantium (2hrs)
Europa Report (1.5hrs)
Blancanieves (1.5hrs)
Something in the Air (2hrs)
Upstream Color (1.5hrs)
Place Beyond the Pines (2hrs)
Mud (2hrs)
Shadow Dancer (1.75hrs)
Broken (1.5hrs)
We Are What We Are (1.75hrs)
Pain & Gain (2hrs)
The Bling Ring (1.5hrs)
Laurence Anyways (2.5hrs)
Ginger & Rosa (1.5hrs)
Fill the Void (1.5hrs)
Oblivion (2hrs)
Kiss of the Damned (1.5hrs)

(Okay, maybe I don't need to see that last one by the Oscars...)

No Chance:
In a World
A Touch of Sin
Broken Circle Breakdown
The Grandmaster
Beyond the Hills

So... a list of 36. Maybe 20 by the nominations? How much of the rest of my life can I put off....

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