Monday, May 19, 2014

SFIFF roundup part 2

The Lost Shows
As I mentioned, trying to attempt the film fest under severe exhaustion was not a brilliant idea. I had to skip a number of shows I had planned on seeing just to get some rest:

Belle - criticWire: B+. Limited release now (Fox Searchlight).

The Trip to Italy - criticWire: B+. IFC releasing August 15th.

Queen Margot - 7.5 on imdb. Current limited re-release (Cohen Media Group).

Borgman - criticWire: B. Drafthouse, release: June 6th.

Boyhood - criticWire: A. IFC releasing July 11th.

Of Horses and Men - criticWire: A-. While it has secured release in 20-odd countries, and was the submission for best foreign language film, I don't see a US distributor yet.

The Skeleton Twins - criticWire: A-. Roadside Attractions releasing September 19th.

The Missed Opportunities
And, as always, there were more interesting films in the lineup than there were hours in the day. These films peaked my interest, and I plan to keep an eye out for them in the future:
The Amazing Catfish - criticWire: B+. Strand releasing June 13th.

Young & Beautiful - criticWire: B. I don't see US distribution yet.

Alex of Venice - criticWire: B-. I don't see any distribution yet.

Norte the End of History - criticWire A. Cinema Guild releasing, June 20th.

Two Faces of January - criticWire: B-. Magnolia is releasing October 3rd.

Coast of Death - imdb: 6.8. I don't see any distribution information.

Coherence - imdb: 7.7. Release: June 20th.

Impossible Light - imdb: 7.3. No distribution I can see.

The Last Season: criticWire: B. No release date I can see.

Manakamana: criticWire: A-. No distribution I can see.

Manila in the Claws of Light: criticWire: A. It looks like it might be available on MUBI.

No No: A Dockumentary: criticWire: B+. No distribution I see.

Obvious Child - criticWire: B+. A24 picked up, release date: June 6th.

South is Nothing. A Berlin fest award, but not many reviews. No distribution I can see.

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