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Emmy wishes and fun with the ballot

The Emmys are going to be all kinds of weird this year. True Detective is up for Drama, Red Road - a continuing series of 6 eps - is submitting as a mini, up is down, black is white, mass hysteria. 

The Emmys will also be on a MONDAY this year. WHAT.

Best Drama
Breaking Bad
The Good Wife
The Americans
True Detective
House of Cards
Normally I plea for Justified, but... let's face it. Season 5 was just not their best. It shoulda been up last year. And season 2. And season 1.

I am sick of Game of Thrones coasting into Best Drama despite half the episodes in any season merely moving characters around with one piece of shock thrown (throne) in. Yes, most episodes have a good scene. And then a lot of filler. Before the Emmy voters nominate it again, I think they should be required to identify half of these terms: Harrenhal, Storm's End, Tully, Riverrun, the Citadel, Dreadfort, Baelish, Varys, Loras, Pycelle, Viserys, Benjen.
Luckily, I'm sure Homeland at least has bottomed out to the point where it won't be up again. 

It seems weird that Breaking Bad is still eligible. Doesn't it seem like they had their victory lap already?

As for True Detective submitting in Drama... I love the trend towards series that are between 6-13 episodes. (5 is too few. Looking at YOU The Fall.) Most good series these days are shorter - it is easier to keep up the quality. I love that I can follow 6 really great dramas more that 3 mediocre ones for the same time investment. And it *is* making award categories confusing. The drama options above are 8, 22, 13, 13, 8, 13 and 10 episodes long. By contrast, the nominees for best mini at the TCAs are 13, 8, 10, 8, and 8. (AHS, Broadchurch, Fargo, Returned and True Detective again).

I love Cary Fukunaga, and I loved the cinematography and art direction. I loved what True Detective went for. I'm excited to see what they do with season 2.

All that said, I hope The Good Wife whoops its butt. It managed to be a greater show over 22 episodes. It is definitely the higher achievement.

Best Comedy
Orange is the New Black
Parks and Rec
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

5th slot? I have no idea. Bob's Burgers? Silicon Valley? Veep? Girls? Louie? Brooklyn Nine Nine? Looking? I ONLY HAVE SO MANY HOURS IN THE DAY AND I CHOOSE TO FILL THEM WITH MURDER.

Weird Things
Shameless as a comedy. WTF. I have yet to finish the season since Liam's incident. Not that it doesn't deserve recognition. But Breaking Bad was hysterical in parts. It's still a drama. So's Shameless.

Drama - Actress
Tatiana Maslany
Juliana Margulies
Eva Green
Keri Russell
Lizzy Caplan
Robin Wright 
Alison Tolman

Fun with the ballot:
Nicole Beharie! You are wonderful, lady, but that's never gonna happen. Ditto for Katey Sagal.
Rachel Leigh Cook is the lead on a series?
Ginnifer Goodwin - Once Upon a Time. Bwahahahaha. No.
Julia Ormond played a witch in Witches of East End apparently. 
Some of these ladies' headshots are either terrible or they look NOTHING like themselves.

Drama - Actor
Mads Mikkelsen
Kevin Spacey
Michael Sheen
Bryan Cranston
Matthew McConaughey - Sure. He won an Oscar for this part already. But...
Matthew Rhys
Billy Bob Thornton

It's really not okay to put Mads in here. He is brilliant - he is SO GOOD as Hannibal. But I feel like he had a better shot in supporting. And that leaves me without space for Hugh Dancy, who is very good. That said, his reactions in the barn and smelling Freddie both just killed me (in opposite ways). Also this:
(You know what is going to be saddest about season 3? No more BEST OFFICE EVER. Can the pack move in there?)

Sorry, Timothy Olyphant, not your year. I really hope it isn't Damien Lewis' either. Homeland went so bad. Damien might be up for Wolf Hall in a year anyways.

There's no way Michael C. Hall is going to get it after how contentious the final season was. Which is too bad - I loved his scenes with Charlotte Rampling. It also doesn't help that his headshot mirrors the controversial final scene. (Which I liked. But not many people did.)

Fun with the ballot:
Stephen Amell - Arrow. Oh. Hon.
Stephen Moyer - True Blood
Aaron Tveit - Graceland. I love Graceland. It's my summer beachy show. But you have a better chance at a Tony, child.
There are also some shows on here I have never heard of. Strike Back? Banshee?
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula. 

Drama - Supporting Actress
Annet Mahendru
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Christine Baranski
Betsy Brandt
Jennifer Carpenter
Caroline Dhavernas
Maisie Williams
Awww. Heartbreaking even in gif form.

Kalinda hasn't had enough to do as they recuperate her character, so no Archie Panjabi.

Fun with the ballot:
Pam! ILU Pam. 
Sharon Gless! Aw. I miss Burn Notice.
Amy Seimetz was on the Killing?
Drama - Supporting Actor
Peter Sarsgaard - The Killing. I don't watch it, but I've heard universally great things. 
Aaron Paul
Josh Charles - I'm glad he got the decision tree before going out.
Matthew Goode - what I thought would be an amazing two episode guest stint turned into a fantastic addition to the cast. I don't think he has a chance, as people will be voting for Josh Charles, but his work in the hospital was amazing. And I would not want to go toe to toe with Michael Chiklis and yet, he held his own. 
Michael Kelly 
Walton Goggins - even if it wasn't the best season, Boyd eternally deserves more recognition.
Peter Dinklage
Dean Norris

Woody Harrelson is up for lead.
I've heard great things about Jeffrey Wright on Boardwalk, but I'm not caught up. 

Weird Bits
Alan Cumming was left off the ballot. It seems like an oversight, since he apparently was in some of the "for your consideration" campaigns.
Elias Koteas is in Chicago PD?
Doug Jones is in Falling Skies?
I'm sorry, but Littlefinger is about the most compelling person on GoT anymore, aside from Arya. Jaime gets submitted but he doesn't?

Fun with the ballot:
Nonso Anozie! ILU.
John Cho and neck skin.
Good work from Matt Czuchry and Nicholas D'Agosto, but man. There are pages and PAGES of submissions for supporting actor. 
Rupert Friend's performance in season 2 of Homeland seemed to me to be the only thing to recommend season 3. I wonder if he was given anything to work with. 
Jordan Gavaris! You are a treasure. [Spoilers for the Orphan Black finale:] At the end, I thought the show was introducing Felix clones and I was SO EXCITED for him. Le sigh.
I have not caught up in Boardwalk Empire, but based on what I've heard about season 4, perhaps Jack Huston has a shot this year? Then again, given the competition, maybe not so much. 
Really, all the submissions for True Blood, Teen Wolf, Dallas, Black Sails, Vikings, Banshee, Revenge, the Following, Witches of East End, and Once Upon a Time:

Drama - Guest Actor
Eddie Izzard - Hannibal
Dylan Baker - The Good Wife
Walton Goggins - Sons of Anarchy
Raul Esparza - Hannibal
Jeremy Davies - Hannibal

I can't with Mason.

Drama - Guest Actress
Gillian Anderson - Hannibal
Carrie Preston - The Good Wife
Allison Janney - Masters of Sex
Julianne Nicholson - Masters of Sex
Margot Martindale - The Americans
Carrie Preston - The Good Wife
Charlotte Rampling - Dexter

Comedy - Actor
Thomas Middleditch?
William H. Macy?
Matt LeBlanc?
Jonathan Groff?
Andy Samberg?
Joel McHale
Key & Peele?

Fun alternates:
Rob Corddry - Children's Hospital
James Corden - The Wrong Mans
Christopher Meloni - Surviving Jack

Comedy - Actress
Julia Louis-Dreyfus?
Lena Dunham?
Amy Poehler
Emmy Rossum - this is a stupid category for her heartbreaking work to be in, but... she really deserves some recognition for this part already.

I really don't think there is ANY reason for Taylor Schilling to be nominated, other than there aren't enough roles for women. She's easily the weakest link on OITNB.

Fun with the ballot:
Devious Maids. Uh huh.

Comedy - Supporting Actress
Anna Chlumsky?
Merritt Weaver?
Kate Mulgrew
Aubrey Plaza
Alison Brie

I wish I could perform some sort of dark magic to keep Julie Bowen from a nomination. In fact, if we could just replace any and all Modern Family nominations with OITNB....

Comedy - Supporting Actor
Jeremy Allen White - Shameless
Tony Hale? 
Christopher Evan Welch? I've heard this was absolutely his breakout and that only made his untimely passing all the more tragic.
Nick Offerman
Charlie Day (I really appreciate that the entire cast used their Ingmar Bergman inspired photos as their headshots.)
Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele

Comedy - Guest Actor
Jonathan Banks - Community
Walton Goggins - Community
Louis CK - SNL

Fun with the ballot: 
Zach Galifanakis is on the ballot for "Zach Galifanakis Wears a Santa Suit"

Comedy - Guest Actress
Uzo Aduba - OITNB
Laverne Cox - OITNB
Natasha Lyonne - OITNB
June Squibb - Glee

Hollow Crown?
Fargo? I can't tell what is even up in this category anymore.

Normal Heart? I have no idea what else could even be up

Mini/Movie - Actor
Billy Bob Thorton - Fargo
Mark Ruffalo - Normal Heart
Dominic West - Burton & Taylor?
Chiwetel Ejiofor/Matthew Goode - Dancing on the Edge?
Dominic Cooper - Fleming
Hiddleston - Hollow Crown?
Ben Whishaw - Hollow Crown?
Cumberbatches? I don't know. I'm kinda over Sherlock.

Fun with the ballot:
Stephen Moyer - Sound of Music Live. Bwahahaha
Benjamin Walker - Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight. What on earth is this thing? Still, I'm happy to know he's working. I'm still weeping over him not getting to play Archangel Michael in Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost.

Mini/Movie - Actress
Jessica Lange - AHS
Helena Bonham Carter - Burton & Taylor?
Gillian Anderson - The Fall
Gina Gershon! Because. (for Versace)

Fun with the ballot:
Here are some M/M's submitting actresses: Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy, Apple Mortgage Cake, A Day Late and A Dollar Short, the Gabby Douglas Story, and Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret.
Julianne Nicholson is in Red Road? I have heard no reviews on that show. I wonder if it is worth the time. 
Carrie Underwood - Sound of Music Live. AHAHAHA. Let it go, honey. Let people forget.

Mini/Movie - Supporting Actor
Matt Bomer - The Normal Heart?
Bob Odenkirk - Fargo
John Goodman - Dancing on the Edge
Jim Parsons - The Normal Heart
Collin Hanks - Fargo

I'm not a huge fan of Martin Freeman generally, but he probably has a shot as Watson. 

Fun with the ballot:
Christian Borle - Sound of Music Live!
Flowers in the Attic. Seriously?
I have no idea what Clear History is (is it a partner to Drunk History?) but Bill Hader!
Seriously Sarah Paulson's witch-killing husband from AHS? You're really going to go for it?
Glenn Howerton - Fargo. Heh.
I have no idea what Full Circle is, but a lot of people are on the ballot from it. 
Aww - Joe Mantello is in the HBO Normal Heart? That's good. 
Do you think it increases your chances if your project has '(Hallmark Hall of Fame)' as the subtitle?

Mini/Movie - Supporting Actress
I'm still pissed Sarah Paulson lost supporting actress for Asylum. She so deserved it. I don't think her work was as challenging in Coven, but oh well.
Allison Tolman - Fargo
Angela Bassett - AHS
Kathy Bates - AHS
Janet McTeer - The White Queen?

I would carry over the Julie Bowen magic to keep Julia Roberts from a nomination if at all possible.

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