Thursday, July 8, 2010


Another Hole in the Head fest is on in San Francisco. It has Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. I am jealous.

Boston, meanwhile, still does not have Prince of Persia (BOOOO), but it does have the Girl who Played with Fire, Perrier's Bounty, Evil Dead, and Predators opening tomorrow. Plus I am Love is still running and I have yet to see. (Ditto Ondine, but that is on On Demand, as well).

SO super excited for the Girl who Played with Fire. Noomi Rapace is my new hero.

The Boston French Film Fest is also on this month. It has Heartbreaker, which I seem to remember hearing good things about from Cannes. It also has Farewell, which is supposed to be a good spy thriller and the Concert, which looks too fluffy for me. I think my awareness of the latter stems solely from Melanie Laurent's inclusion in the film. I should probably take the time to research some of the other films playing, but there is so much good stuff on at the Brattle and stuff to catch up on from netflix, that I doubt I will.

Otherwise, been on mostly a catch-up-on-tv streak after my vacation. Long marathons of Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, True Blood, Burn Notice, FlashForward and Veronica Mars. I really should start the Wire and Battlestar Galactica, too... in all that spare time of mine.

Saw Twist, which is a version of Oliver Twist set amongst teenage hustlers in Toronto. It needed developing, but was an interesting premise and it featured a good lead performance by Nick Stahl. It stands out, however, for an emotionally horrific scene towards the end, which I don't think I'll ever be able to scrub out of my brain. *shudder*

Also saw Peacock, which was a performance in search of a better film. Really, save yourself the hassle and watch Breakfast on Pluto instead.

And finally, saw A Perfect Getaway, which was in no way a thriller, since the ending was pretty apparent from 5 minutes in, but was an entertaining enough summer movie. I'll watch Timothy Olyphant read a phone book. Or hike through pretty Hawaiian scenery. Whatever.

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