Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Giants. FACT.

I spent most of the last month glued to the t.v., cheering on the Giants. The coverage from over here was ridiculous. Either people were confused that San Francisco had a team (could announcers at least learn to pronounce names before going on air?) or they actively picked the other teams to win. Predictions? Oh, it'll be the Braves; they'll pull it out for Bobby Cox. Oh, it'll be Philly - they've got Halladay. It'll be the Rangers - they're having a year like they've never had before.

Well, so were we.

And while it would have been nice if we weren't coming back from the third-longest championship drought in baseball, if the last two trips to the series hadn't been utter disasters, if we had won it even once before as the San Francisco Giants, and, on a personal note, if I had been home for all of this, I couldn't be happier that it worked out this way. We've had amazing players before. We've had good teams. But I adore this team. I'm so glad that they - these crazy castoffs, misfits, freaks and characters - were the ones to finally win it all. What possible better representation of San Francisco could there be? They are weird and they are the absolute best.

Go ahead: watch this about a dozen more times.

Other things I loved about the win?
-Bruce Bochy showing the most emotion possibly ever (at about 7:08).
-Cody Ross' skip/pirouette during Renteria's home run (at about 1:45).
-Lincecum jumping out of the dugout (which Fox replayed like 8 times, and made me and my friend laugh EVERY TIME). Video here (at about 4:27).
-THIS. This is one of my favorite photos ever. It's up in my office. I also love this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one. Oh, and this one.
-I love that Obama called to congratulate them, mentioned Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner, and invited them all to the White House.
-And yes, I love that after Fox blatantly continued to pander to the Bushies, they lost. The blue state beat the red. The queers beat the steers. And the faithful beat a team from a state that didn't even know it had a baseball team until two weeks ago. (Even during the series the Cowboys continued to receive more coverage in Texas newspapers). I don't care that the Rangers had never been to a series before. It's our time.

A quick note on the 'riots' that weren't. Basically they were riots as only San Francisco could have done. As one person pointed out, it was 100 people causing problems, and 10,000 tweeting it. Not only that, but you could CHECK IN at the riots on foursquare. Oh, SF. I love you so. And does it count as a riot if a mariachi band shows up?

That said, how much would I have given to be here? Bless. Look how happy we are. (Now with video!)

! (I'm also quite partial to this mix here, which samples both Ashkon (twice) and this gem)

Steve Perry leads the crowd in a Don't Stop Believin' Sing-a-long

Giants' timing couldn't be better for these times

Lights Sing-a-long at AT&T park. I love Lights. It is one of my all time favorite songs about San Francisco.

The next SI cover.

Honoring the teams of the past
. Aw..... Willie Mays.

The party. I LOVE the video at Yancy's Saloon.

Brian Wilson rocks. Also? Aubrey Huff had his thong around his neck during the parade today. SO SAN FRANCISCO.

A basic recap.

The first title in 56 years; "the first time any living human could ever say this: The San Francisco Giants won the World Series."

The best starting pitcher in baseball.

They Really Are Giants.

The Giants are Worthy Champions. "Meanwhile, as a baseball fan (as opposed to a Giants fan), it's really easy to enjoy this team's success. The Giants wear classic uniforms in a beautiful ballpark. Their roster is studded with fascinating players like Tim Lincecum, Pablo Sandoval and Brian Wilson. Their manager was forced to make any number of tough decisions down the stretch and into the postseason, and nearly all of them worked brilliantly."

The party is worth the wait.

Our new Where's Waldo.

SF Giants add 'champions' to their storied legacy. Snow said, "They erased a lot of ghosts, didn't they? I've always said, beware of teams with a chip on their shoulders. Nobody expected this team to do anything. There was a lot of East Coast bias, and Fox (television) people talking about the Phillies and Texas. Everyone was curious to see how the Giants would perform on the biggest stage, and they beat 'em all."
"It's been a long time," someone said nearby.
"A long time?" Snow, said, incredulously. "It's been never!"
Yeah, about those predictions. Have you not heard? FEAR THE FUCKING BEARD!

The coverage the next day.

What the World Series Means to Me.

Hey dad... they did it.

The Beard is here for life.

Jesus. How excited are we?

Other great reactions? "It feels like I'm mainlining opium and Christmas presents when I type that. The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series. Ohhhhahhhaoooohh. That feels so danged good." (Reports of Tim Lincecum's demise...)

"I’ve had three or four different Journey songs stuck in my head for about three weeks now. I was pretty sure I didn’t like Journey before the postseason. Now it’s the soundtrack to my overactive brain." (Pre-game nervous chatter)

"the head of Buster Posey on the body of an eagle, and the head of Matt Cain on the body of a lion, and they’re flanking Tim Lincecum, who is riding a manticore and wielding a longsword made out of change-ups." (Open what tattoo are you getting thread)

I hope the party lasts through spring training. Let's do it all over again next year.

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