Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ranking the SFIFF films

Another Earth
Stake Land
Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Really Good:
Meek's Cutoff
Le Quattro Volte
The Future

Page One; A Year Inside the New York Times
The Trip
The Whistleblower
The Troll Hunter
My Joy

Didn't like:
Nostalgia for the Light

(The 15th film I saw was La Dolce Vita in a restored print, but since it was a special program, it doesn't seem to make sense to review and rank it with the rest. That said, it was beautiful and very, very long. I liked it, but I think I need to see some more Fellini, because I think I'll like some of his other films better. I get the impression that many of his films touch on similar themes, so.)

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