Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey! This could be a blog one day!

Things are still hectic and crazy, hence the lack of posts. I saw Hot Fuzz the other day, which was enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed Timothy Dalton's over-the-top creepy performance.

EW is counting down the top 100 oscar snubs (100-75 first).

Awesome Michael Bay commercial.

Also, the fangirl in me is psyched that Ryan Reynolds will be in Wolverine, and they are FINALLY including Gambit (better step up Taylor Kitsch. That there's a role with many, many expectations.) Hee.

And Pathology might eventually be released. Stranger things have happened. This is one B-movie I'm definitely going to see when (ever) it opens. Between psycho pathologists and Milo Ventmiglia's lovely, floppy hair, I'm there.

A review of Hamlet 2. You might not want to read too far for fear of spoilers (I don't want to know too much about how he stages the sequel...), but this made me laugh out loud; "[Steve Coogan]’s got a live-in hanger-on (played almost silently by David Arquette)". The idea of David Arquette skulking around the house is just making me giggle.

Herb Gains' Watchmen thank you. The important part about this is not the thank you (although, awww...) or that principal photography wrapped. No the important part is that Watchmen won't be out till March, 2009. Why did I think it would be late this fall? Just because we've been waiting forever? Still, better that they take their time and get all the visuals correct...

Now I'm a sucker for Heist flicks, and did you realize there will be 6 (SIX!) coming out this year. Best described by the lead actor they are the Bank Job (Jason Statham), 21 (Jim Sturgess), Flawless (Michael Caine), The List (Ewan McGregor AND Hugh Jackman. Holy hell - how have I not heard of this before?!?), RocknRolla (Gerard Butler), and the Thomas Crowne Affair 2 (Pierce Brosnan). Awesomeness.

Speaking of hype, the pre-summer hype list. Extra-special-super-bonus points for including Snow Angels. The rest that I'm looking forward to? Be Kind Rewind, the Other Boleyn Girl, 21, Leatherheads, and Smart People. Of course, I can be swayed to a certain degree by reviews and word of mouth (I was looking forward to Jumper and look what happened there), but I bet that I'll probably catch those at least.

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