Monday, February 4, 2008

Lotsa trailers

Whoops. So - I started compiling stuff a few days ago, and then I got a new job assignment and I've been too busy to catch up ever since.

First up, the trailer for the Happening. It actually looks like it could be genuinely scary. There's something about the visuals of watching multiple people throwing themselves off of a building that's prettydamn scary. Yes, it's M. Night Shyamalan, but maybe he's back to his Sixth Sense groove? And I do believe I saw Betty Buckley's name pop up in the casting, soo... good on ya Grizabella.

EEEE! More Sam roles coming this way. And thank the dear lord the beard was not because he was too lazy to shave. Plus we all know how well things turn out when you put Sam in space.

A completely Venom movie? I'm all for that. I think one of the big problems (of which there were many) in Spider Man 3 is that Sam Raimi really wasn't on board with the Venom idea, but fan clamour was too strong, so he kind of wedged Venom into the plot. Can we have Topher Grace again, please? He needs to be in more. Particularly as he has a Sean William Scott movie coming up. Poor thing. Plus I like a guy who can laugh at himself.

More Superbowl trailers. Iron Man, Wall E, and Leatherheads.

The 2009 Oscar nominees. And no, the strike still isn't over.

The top 25 romance films. I seriously do not get what people see in Casablanca. I just wanted to smack Ingrid Bergman throughout the entire film.

A whole bunch of Milk photos. Awww... home! Minus 30 years. And with James Franco.

Barackula! And if you haven't seen it yet, check out this music video.

Flawless trailer. I'm a total sucker for heist films. This one looks.. passable. I don't think the trailer is that exciting. Still, I like Michael Caine, particularly as he gets older - he seems to be having so much fun in every role (see particularly Children of Men).

Married Life trailer. I'm intrigued (although I dislike trailers that use quotes in the way this one does. I think it would have been more effective without them.) But it looks funny and noir-ish, and I like Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper and Patricia Clarkson. And Rachel McAdams, why are you platinum?

What does indie mean these days?

Cleolinda assembled the linkspam for the new Vanity Fair Hollywood issue. "Vanity Fair's 2008 Hollywood Issue Cover Shoot; Behind the Scenes at the 2008 Hollywood Issue Cover Shoots; Behind the Scenes of the Hitchcock Portfolio; Renee Zellweger's 'Vanity Fair' Hitchcock Homage: Emoting Like You've Never Seen Before (okay, I am really interested in seeing the Hitchcock homages); Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue: 14 Years of Annie Leibovitz Covers." I LOVE the hollywood issue. I remember collecting them when I was young. In fact, I might just still have the 1997 one, because I thought Fairuza Balk was the coolest thing ever back then. and last year I bought an air freighted one in Scotland just to get my hands on it. I like the cover on this yeas, but must Ellen Page slouch?

In non-movie hilarity; Conan, Stewart, Colbert unite in mock feud. My whole family was cracking up watching this on repeat last night.

Ok - enough for now. I have to go do stuff.
Musica; Marilyn, My Bitterness - the Cruxshadows

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