Friday, February 1, 2008

Movie notes and fun stuff

There's going to be a one off installment of Dinner for Five tonight, which you can also see on the IFC wesite. The guests are Vince Vaughn, Justin Long, Peter Billingsley, and Keir O'Donnell. I'm going to watch, if only to see Justin Long and Vince Vaughn riff off each other.

Slate has a brilliant review of Meet the Spartans up.

While I already reported on Gentleman Broncos, here's another article extolling Sam's virtues as an actor. Of which there can never be too many.

Mmmmm.... Hugh Jackman on a horse.

I can has Arrested Development movie?!?!

New posters for Leatherheads. I'm trying to ignore Renee Zwelleger. Here's hoping they stick with the sporty one with john Krasinski on it.

New trailers for Prince Caspian and Wanted.

How to market the Dark Knight now. As it was pointed out, marketing had already begun to shift towards Harvey Dent. And again; yay for Cillian Murphy returning!!

WGA reaches more interim deals. Can they reach deals with everyone outside the AMPTP and then call off the strike?

The writer's strike... now with puppets!

The strike - over soon? And here.

Ah... hipsters and critics. So easy to know what their reactions will be.

The best 19 movies you didn't see in 2007. Saw the Assassination of Jesse James, Death at a Funeral, and Sunshine, and on my netflix queue are Across the Universe, Gone Baby Gone, Grindhouse, King of California, the Lookout, and the Nines. Speaking of Across the Universe, I cannot stop listening to this.

On a movie-aside, how awesome was Lost last night??? God, I wanted more. Waiting a whole week for a new episode is soo difficult. Not to mention, the rumors are there's a Desmond-centric episode a few weeks from now. (Also, did Henry Ian Cusick even get any lines last night? Or did they just keep cutting to him as the best looking man for a reaction shot?)

Cleolinda has thoughtfully scooped up all the LOST linkspam. Here it is; "‘Lost’ no more: Show returns for short run; One-Fisted Beer-Drinking, Cut From Tonight's Lost Episode; ''Lost'': Preseason cheat sheet; The Hater: Lost For Dummies; Everything You Need to Know About "Lost: Missing Pieces" Mobisodes; Lost Season 4 Oceanic Airlines adverts; Tidbits: ‘Lost’ star Garcia spills his take on the mystery; ''Lost'' star Emerson gets creepy; 5Top: Favorite ‘Lost’ characters; 'Last' man on 'Lost'; What could 'Lost' possibly do next? (Answer: "Anything"); Land Of The Lost Was Cooler Than Lost. "

Also, a good recap is to be found here.

And because it is too good to pass up; terrible, terrible CNN headlines. I personally can't stand CNN. BBC all the way. Oh, and, Neil Gaiman on why the people on Torchwood are too dumb to live. 'Tis true.

Awesome quote of the week; "Victims of stalking are not alone" - TX first lady Anita Perry, trying to establish a stalking awareness month.

I'm currently addicted to this. Favourites;

Office manager, on the phone: Which one of Mommy's boyfriends beat you badly enough as a child to turn you into the bitter, empty, hollow shell of a human being you are today?
Supervisor, to trainee: See? That's why we have to answer the phone quickly in this office: to keep the managers from picking up the phone. Ever.

Bartender #1: How many beers are in a six-pack?
Bartender #2: I work with a fucking idiot.

VP, using Instant Messenger: How do I type a smiley face that means, "I'll cut you."

Electrician: I think I may have made a mistake.
Owner of office: Ya think so? What gave it away, the flames?

Lawyer: Put your John Hancock on these documents, please.
Daughter: You sure this is legal? I mean, with me being your kid and all?
Lawyer: It is very legal. Far more legal than any of the drugs you have experimented with on my credit card.

This made me laugh the hardest I've laughed all week. And I've been reading Our Dumb World by the Onion (which is hysterical, aside from huge chunks of Africa, because what can you really say that's funny about Ethiopia? Madagacar, on the other hand, has a lemur as president.)

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