Friday, June 13, 2008

At some point I need to write up the movies I've seen recently (Ratatouille, The Fountain, Fracture, The Anniversary Party) but I'm barely awake at the moment. I went downtown to check out Pride and then the subway stopped running and it took me more than 2 hours to get home and I'm completely knackered.

Predicting the Tonys Can't WAIT!! I love the Tonys. Too bad Hugh Jackman isn't hosting.

nom nom nom nom nom

New Watchmen images Just oh so excited for this. And here's the flaming man stunt.

Get Smart beats Watchmen to DVD stunt marketing There's something so wrong about that sentence.

Wall*E has the cutest fetishes It's true.

Public Enemies images All the photos taken on Johnny's 45th birthday. We're all agreed he has a mangy portrait tucked up in an attic somewhere, yes? And why have the only photos from this set been of him? Share a little love to Christian Bale, already.

Speaking of which, Christian Bale is lovely. And kudos to the interviewer for having the guts to ask, "do you feel silly playing a man who dresses up as a bat?" Also, I may have mentioned this before, but all the designer suits are so very American Psycho, which works well for Bruce Wayne's character (why yes, I did just read the Dark Knight Returns).

How long you have to finish reading The Road

Defiance poster I like the description

Miracle at Santa Ana Trailer

Benjamin Button In English!

Morning Spoilers Browse at your own risk, but read LOST's because Jorge Garcia is awesome and more importantly, check out SHIRLEY!!! (Under the Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Why the Happening is terrible; or, all of it's plot, so you don't have to watch it, too I love it. TREES. (Can I mention that, given my background in all things environmental, I love it when trees fight back? See: The Two Towers, Narnia, and Princess Mononoke. Or, I guess it was just the spirit of the forest there.)

Also; "Oops, did I not mention the Happening is supposed to be bad?"

22 twisty endings (you can choose to reveal the ending or not)

Q&A with Angelina Jolie

Free Fox Searchlight films

Vanity Fair's Blogopticon Whee!

Bottle Shock trailer

Downey Jr. as Holmes? Bad idea, BAD IDEA!

Leo as Captain America? Um.... no.

Lionsgate apparently unaware of completely stupid tiger movie

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