Thursday, June 5, 2008

I am not Paul Avery. I need a polar bear.

I love, love, love this graphic from the NYTimes. It went down for a little and now it's back. Hell yeah for people under 30 with graduate educations!! (You can highlight your state to follow it as it moves).

TV: Are you a binge viewer? I'm going to have to go with absolutely I'm a binge viewer on this one. I watched 5 seasons of Oz in about a month. Season 1 of Lost in one very intense week.

15 scary shows Some X-Files were just so good. I saw one on tv the other day - I forgot how much I loved some of the early seasons. And I've always wanted to see Carnivale.

All things Shirley: The trouble I'm in - Gavin Rossdale ft. Shirley (loooove the vocals), Shirley joining the Sarah Connor Chronicles well hell - now I have to watch and catch up. But yay Shirley!! And if you have yet to sign the petition: FREE SHIRLEY MANSON!

The primaries vs. LOST Speaking of LOST, I finally watched the season finale, thus begining the long 8? 9? month wait till next season. Loved Desmond (I didn't think his scene would be till next season, so it caught me totally off guard. My poor brother was in the room as I started bawling. Shut up.) Except now I'm very very very worried; there'll still be a Desmond ep. next year, right? RIGHT? Saw the final reveal coming, loved Ben (emmy now please?), thought Michael was highly anticlimactic, and loved Sawyer. Oh, and Farraday?? Also... Finale recap, your chance to join the dharma initiative, finale may have been series best, and again: mythbuster reviews finale. I don't think anything can top last year's, but this came close. And is there someplace where the 2 alternate fake-out endings can be seen? Or will that be a DVD extra? Ah.... gotcha. (SPOILER SWEEP: Either of those other two would have been more interesting. Locke seemed pretty obvious to me. WHo else would care so much about getting people back to the island in a fate-y kind of way? Sawyer is baffling - yeah the writers wouldn't have really been able to do much with it. Desmond, I could actually kind of see. He's got connections, he could run around under an assumed name. Plus then I would be ensured of more of him in the next two years.)

Brigitte Bardot gets fifth racism conviction Wait, what?

When seafood goes bad

Top 10 secret celeb scientologists Oh Giovanni Ribisi, really?

Great advice for making movies

From Page to Screen: The Road

Independent films get SAG waivers

Emmy Rossum joins interesting cast of Dare

Russell Crowe as Joe Wilson in Doug Liman's Plame film

Brian DePalma helming Boston Stranglers film Pish. It can't be as good as Zodiac.

Guy Ritchie directing Sherlocke Holmes This smacks of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. To be based on a comic by someone not as talented as Alan Moore. And possible script.

The Dark Knight's Score, New dark knight pics God, he's handsome. Very American Psycho here.

Valkyrie reshoots I can't stand Tom Cruise, but for Eddie Izzard's sake (particularly given the Riches has yet to get a reorder) I hope this film does well. Peter Bart's recommendation is good, and the Assassination of Jesse James was pushed back an entire year and it was one of the year's best (hell, of either year, really). So changing dates doesn't necessarily mean bad news.

Jon Favreau on Iron Man 2

Gosling and Gillespie reteam for uplifting AIDS movie Just give the boy the Oscar already.

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