Monday, June 2, 2008

Christian Bale could kick your ass

I was so off on the movies this weekend, I ranked 268th. Who knew so many people would be interested in a generic horror flick in June? (Apparently, 267 people knew better than I). This brings me to 89th for the summer so far. Next week, baby.

I also forgot to mention, on my trip to VT, I saw several hawks, an owl, a deer, and a groundhog. And we visited the Stone Zoo, which was cute.

Non-movie related: Tori Amos to leave Epic I love Tori, but I cannot afford how prolific she is.

And: Mythbuster reviews LOST Finale LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. I clear it off the tivo tomorrow. I WILL NOT HEAR (more) ABOUT IT.

The top 25 animated films This list is terrible. Shrek and no Sleeping Beauty? The Little Mermaid above Finding Nemo? No Secret of NIMH - actually are there ANY Don Bluth on there??

The MTV awards (really the only good part is Carl, the nephew. "It'll do till the Dark Knight gets here"), No joke too old for the MTV awards

Speaking of the Dark Knight, it's featured in July's Empire.

Tim Burton and John August developing Dark Shadows AWESOME

Wall*E meets bouncy balls

Trailer for the Women They managed to take a feminist film from the 30s and turn it into crap. And get Annette Benning to sign on.

Also, I'm not really reporting on Twilight because I'm not a 13 year old girl. Sparkly vampires? Fun concept; if it's done well I might show up, but the absolute frenzy that is building this far in advance smacks of Snakes on a Plane with far less self-awareness. I enjoyed this comment by poster crumpeteer, "Okay, the Twilight people are really starting to scare me and MTV is enabling them."

Photos from Half Blood Prince

Awesome Kill Bill Poster

New, sexy Wanted trailer, Wanted Soundtrack Features Elfman Score, Vocals, new Russian Wanted posters

What Universal Lost in the Fire. Ba dum dum. Thanks folks, Defamer'll be here all week.

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