Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bad Wolf

I got my Dark Knight IMAX advance ticket! First thing Sunday morning - Yay! Sad about no Harry Potter trailer, but I'm willing to overlook that for the Watchmen trailer. And I have heard rumors that IMAX might get a teaser anyways...

Let's see... seen Be Kind, Rewind (very sweet), Jumper (a cool concept ruined by bad execution and writing, although Jaimie Bell is fun when he shows up), To Die For (Nicole Kidman is fantastic, although parts weren't quite as good as I had thought they would be... if that makes sense), and Flushed Away (so cute! It's really too bad this didn't do better. There are lots of very cute jokes (a cockroach reading Kafka, Hugh Jackman's rat holding up an X-Men outfit, singing slugs, and one of the best French jokes I've seen in a really long time). I really liked the Aardman style of the characters (plus Wallace and Gromit cameos). It wasn't quite the Wrong Trousers, but it really should've done better.)

Gold derby has the short lists for the Emmy nomination pool (all except 2 comedy actors; fingers crossed for Flight of the Conchords, although they may split the votes.) I am trying to ignore the fact that the LEFT OUT HENRY IAN CUSICK FOR SUPPORTING DRAMA ACTOR (WTF?!?). The inclusions I am happy with;
Comedy; Flight of the Conchords, the Office, Pushing Daisies, and 30 Rock
Drama Actor; Michael C. Hall, Eddie Izzard, Hugh Laurie, and Denis Leary
Drama Actress; Minnie Driver... hmmm.... There really aren't many women I'm currently watching, although I'd like to see Saving Grace.
Comedy Actor: Steve Carell, Lee Pace, David Duchovny, and Alec Baldwin
Comedy Actress: Tina Fey, Anna Friel, Sarah Silverman, and Mary-Louise Parker
Drama Supporting actor: Naveen Andrews, Zeljko Ivanek, and Michael Emerson (who better win!)
Drama Supprting actress: Hmmm... Sharon Gless? Rose Byrne? I don't watch either, but I like them.
Comedy Supporting actor: Justin Kirk, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Jack McBrayer, and should win Neil Patrick Harris
Comedy supporting actress: Jenna Fischer, Jane Krakowski, Amy Poehler
Guest comedy actress: Sarah Silverman, Carrie Fisher, Elaine Stritch
Guest drama actor: Keith Carradine, Robin Williams

I guess they don't know guest comedy actor/ guest drama actress. Other sad omissions; Christopher Meloni, Robert Sean Leonard (seriously? not for Amber?), Terry O'Quinn (although it wasn't his strongest season), Elizabeth Mitchell, Danny DeVito, Jaimie Pressley, and possibly Josh Radnor along with the Conchords. Oh, and David Caruso.

Also... are BBC reruns not eligible? Because you'd think David Tennant would get some recognition for his work.

YYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY for Shirley on the ads for the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

(Also: Where have all the Riot Grrrrls gone?)

(Non-movie: the best 50 bands from each state)

The disappointment of David Tennant I thought they were placing bets on who was next because David wanted to leave, not because anyone wanted him to leave. He's so good as the doctor!! Although Eddie Izzard is kind of a fab choice if there needs to be a replacement in 2010. I will say the writing has been uneven so far in season 4, but I've liked having Donna around (surprisingly, after the Runaway Bride) and yay for Rose coming back in last night's episode Midnight, which by the way? SO scary. The writing was easily on par with Stephan Moffatt's episodes (although... I just read some seriously misogynistic statements by him... oh so not cool.)

Also: An Anglophile what-to-watch.... hee. Speaking as someone raised in an Anglophile household; brilliant.

The woman who decides what movies you get to see

Not good X-Files 2 spoilers

New Office webisodes, Heroes webisodes teaser

You are; The Free Agent That sounds about right.

Trailer Park: Hell Ride and Rain of Madness, the Tropic Thunder documentary

How Dr. Horrible came to be

Fincher's Heavy Metal a no-go

Max Payne trailer

Best and worst of 2008 so far I vote for In Bruges, Snow Angels, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Wanted, Wall*E, Be Kind Rewind and Prince Caspian, although there are still a few I'd like to see, like 21, Get Smart, The Bank Job, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Cassandra's Dream, Charlie Bartlett and the Fall. Also: the 20 best movies from Moviefone and 7 overlooked gems

Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist poster

Should there be a Deadwood movie?

5 reasons 1980 was not the best year for musicals

And finally, all of the furor over the Twilight EW cover at Cleolinda's blog has been cracking me up. Check it out; "If you have not seen the lolarity that is next week's Entertainment Weekly Twilight cover (plus a sparkleized version by orangeokapi13. Plus another version over at FW. Plus Maybelline icons, and I'm kind of tempted to snag one) from yesterday, I suggest you hie yourself there with a quickness. Truly, it is magnificent, and the best laugh you will have all week. (And just think: I'm getting this in the mail.) ETA: THIS JUST IN: THERE ARE PICTURES INSIDE THE MAGAZINE AS WELL. OUTSTANDING." And "My day has been made...Meanwhile, the LA Times reports fan outrage at the tackiness of the cover. No, I'm not kidding.)

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