Saturday, July 5, 2008

Medieval binary?

Been awhile. Things have been hectic. I started up at a new job. Not much else to report. I have a massive backlog of links. Enjoy!

Movie-wise, I saw both Wall*E and Wanted, as well as the Good Shepherd. Wanted was AWESOME. Like a hot dog. I went on Monday, so I hadn't expected the crowd to be too crazy, but boy was I wrong. We didn't get that much cheering in Iron Man. So fabulous, so over-the-top and so much fun. I highly recommend it.

I also went to see Wall*E on Friday after getting turned down for two jobs (fab day, huh??) and it was very adorable and I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked the first half hour or so, which reminded me of Buster Keaton or other silent film comedies. The timing was pitch-perfect and the whole endeavor was very cute (then again, Wall*E had me at... well... "Wa-a-a-all-eeeee").

The Good Shepherd, on the other hand, was a waste of a lot of very fine talent. Angie looks lovely and dives into her role with gusto, but doesn't have much to really sink her teeth into. Likewise, there are a lot of great supporting characters, such as Lee Pace and Billy Crudup. I think the screenplay is really to blame. It should have been edited down and streamlined. It is unnecessarily plodding and convoluted. A much better bet would be to watch Cambridge Spies. Billy Crudup's character is basically Kim Philby anyways, and Cambridge Spies is not only much more taught and gripping, but sticks to the facts (at least I think it does). And while the Brit's depiction of James Angleton (the person Matt Damon's character was loosely based on) is less-than-flattering, he hold attention better and his zealotry comes through more. Matt Damon was very... quiet.

Wanted in 15 Minutes Oh so brilliant. Best bit; "This is the role Angelina Jolie was born to play. She emerged from the womb already covered in tattoos and eyeliner for the express purpose of playing this character, who immediately entered my pantheon of Chicks I Want to Be Like When I Grow Up. Fox is the reason Angelina Jolie was put on this earth. Well, this and the global philanthropy."

Hee. 10 Things I hate about you is playing in the background as I write this. I forgot how cute parts of it were. "No ritual animal slaughter of any kind!"

And all the Linkspam:

Viacom to get YouTube user data What the hell?

Speaking of Boing Boing.... what exactly is going on? And why are they being mean to Violet Blue? I like her! Also, more here, here, and here. Note: Violet Blue is totally nsfw.

All things Dark Knight (AHHH must buy tickets already!) EW's cover, the joker sans make-up, Christian Bale interview, I seriously hope whoever has been doing the Dark Knight posters gets an award, a cinematic revolution

Crazy Gary Oldman crushes Daniel Radcliffe's innocence Also, Crazy Gary Oldman playing Tiny Tim

LOST book club WHEE!

Kristen Bell is the Queen of Babble I mention this not because I care about the project (ech) but because a) she looks diseased in that photo and b) does anyone else think that the daughter on Doctor Who could be her sister?

Top 25 Action Heroines

The new commercials for It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia make me laugh a lot. You can check out the whole music video here.

Did Anne Hathaway hand her ex over to the feds? Wow, that might be the first time I've felt kindly towards her.

Vanity Fair curses yet more young stars

Madden to direct Nazi-hunter thriller The Debt

Trailer for Knowing Meh. I think Nicholas Cage needs to head back to the Matchstick Men/ Adaptation genre and stay away from the National Treasure-type genre. Speaking of which, I just noticed the Wicker Man is playing today. "HOW'D IT GET BURNED?!?!" (Togdor? Is that you?)

The Day the Earth Went Whoa.

The Prisoner returning Bad idea, BAD IDEA!

Absurdly bad Fly me to the Moon trailer We didn't get that. We got the soul-crushing Beverly Hills Chihuahua instead. This looks like that animated film Jon Stewart did where he was a spring that shot icicles out of his mustache... Ah yes.

Adrien Brody in Giallo

Are stars ruining older films on blu-ray?

In Search of a Midnight Kiss Poster

Hmmm... a film I've never heard of... Sex and Death 101. Apparently now on DVD.

Quantum of Solace trailer I don't think much of the new girls.

What's the Best British Film Ever? So NOT Four Weddings.

More New World on DVD I think a lot of times director's cuts improve on theatrical releases. After all, you don't want the same studio head who approved White Chicks trying to make your movie more commercial.

Tragic demise of Hello, Dolly star awww... Wall*E dancing along was so cute

What are your top 100 films? (Hmmm.... One more place to waste my time... Oh. it doesn't seem to be up yet. Odd.)

Morning Spoilers I have the hardest time not looking at the Doctor Who column!!

HP 6 photos, also here (the kids are reacting to Ron in a quidditch uniform) and notable for the DADA prof profiles.

How far is Gotham from Metropolis Doesn't the Dark Knight Returns mention both?

Strike? What Strike?

RocknRolla trailer & stills

David Fincher teams up with the Goon

Lost Metropolis Footage Found Wow.

Christian Bale apparently owns time-turner

Ryan eager to reprise Office role

From Page to Screen, or, go read Revolutionary Road already.

Where are the Oscar contenders? Hurrah for the commenter who put forth Snow Angels, although I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Choke for Sam. In Bruges is also one of my faves so far, although I can't honestly see it earning any recognition.

Courtesy of Cleolinda; "ONTD talks about the '300' sequel, blah blah blah. All I know is, the animation at the top of the entry is one of the most magnificent things I have ever seen."

Croc Dundee to tax authorities, "Come and get me" HAhahahaha

I can't stop thinking about the Wicker Man now. BEEES!

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