Sunday, July 20, 2008

The world is a mess and I just need to rule it

OH MY GOD. SOO much has happened in the last week and my internet keeps going out for a couple of days at a time, so I'm going to miss a ton of stuff.

First off, I was doing some yard work last Sunday and found two snakes in the yard, which was exciting. Then, on Monday, I found out I came in 5TH - YEAH THAT'S RIGHT 5TH - in the Box Office Challenge, which was suuper exciting. Plus, Choke came out with a red band trailer, but the dating thing didn't work for me and then they took it down (ALONG WITH YOUTUBE! I don't get that. Why on earth would free advertising for your film be a bad thing? Why would you discourage fans from watching and sharing your trailer?)

[Update: I finally, FINALLY found a working trailer via a google video search and it is awesome and apparently too raunchy for the interwebs. It is also hysterical. I CANT WAIT]

Then the Watchmen trailer came out - EEEEE (it did seem to break the internets briefly, I had a difficult time finding the trailer for about an hour, and then finally I saw the apple version (and then today I saw it on a big, pretty IMAX screen, but more on that later)). OH MY GOD!! So good! Billy Crudup as Jon Osterman? Brilliant (I love, love, love him - he's easily one of the best actors around. I met him after an insanely brilliant performance of his on broadway and sort of lost the ability to speak English. True story.) It looks very accurate to the panels (I got that leap of glee that I had when shots in Sin City mirrored the comics so exactly.) In fact, about a day after hitting the web, people had already posted side by side comparisons. whee. Oh - I also don't mind the use of the Smashing Pumpkins' song. I think it fits well and the use of the same song does not mean the movies will be in any way equivilent.

I believe there was also a Twilight trailer, but I couldn't care less. I briefly thought it could be funny and sparkly and campy, but all signs point to zombie-awful.

Today, I caught the 10am IMAX showing of Batman. I'm having a hard time digesting the entire thing. There was just so very much there. I think I may have to go watch it again just to grasp it all. Although, and I said this when I walked out, the ecard about 'devastatingly bleak'? That's fairly accurate. It is dark. It is so sad. It is epic and gorgeous and there is so much to digest and process. It's musings on the nature of justice and good and... I just can't even write articulately about it at the moment. This not your oversimplified good vs. evil storyline. It is complex and the writing is handled extremely well (Well, maybe Gary Oldman's last speech was a leetle bombastic) but otherwise, there were just so many fine scenes. Batman and the Joker, Alfred describing what Batman needs to be for Gotham, the Joker and Dent, Bruce and Dent discussing heroism... the list goes on. There are so many fine moments. A lot of the tone is similar to the Dark Knight Returns, though of course the plot is different. But there is the question of people emulating batman, rather than being simply inspired by him. There are the themes of enduring an impossibly difficult mandate, the precarious link to the police, and the fact that Batman has always been the darkest superhero, the most criminal.

The direction is excellent. The action scenes are well done, the character scenes are well done, the entire affair is so well plotted that the MASSIVE amount of plot in the two and a half hours just zips along.

The cinematography is astounding. If you can see it in IMAX; GO. I cannot remember the last time I was so blown away by a shot (well, many shots). I have seen many films with great cinematography, but this elvates the form to a whole new plane. I know I posted this before, but this bears repeating.

Finally, the acting is stupendous. From every member of the cast. From Christian Bale down to Nestor Carbonell to the extras who get a few lines (the two on the ferries merit special mention). I am sorry that Christian Bale isn't getting much attention because, obviously, the whole thing falls apart without him. The fact that he gets Batman, he gets Bruce Wayne, he swings from menacing and scary to love-sick and unsure of himself; I simply cannot imagine anyone else pulling it off. Before Sam, Christian was my favorite actor all through high school, and I continue to think he is one of the best around. (While I understand it, the fact that he wasn't nominated for Rescue Dawn was criminal.) He pulls off an incredibly complex, difficult character with his usual assurance. He doesn't have the glib sarcasm of Tony Stark to fall back on; he's a man dressed up as a bat and he makes it both natural and really scary.

The Joker is astounding. I don't know what to say. He crackles on screen. He's psychotic and funny and terrifying and so natural. There is never a moment when the character slips. It is amazing that the two roles Heath Ledger will be best remembered for, this and Brokeback Mountain, are so wildly different. In the one, he was taciturn and closed off, in this, he is wildly exuberant and chaotic. It is astoundingly impressive.

Everyone else is superb. The actors are such high caliber and I think working together they all upped their game even further.

I've also had fun during this week with Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, although I watched act 3 today after Batman and it made me sad. (Spoiler sweep: What is with women dying for guys to pine over? I thought Dr. Horrible was going to be this bit of internet fun to counteract the darkness of Batman and... no. I'll have to go see Mama Mia sometime this week.) Snap judgement from EW (I thought Act I was the best). Also it did super, super well.

Blurg. I can hardly digest it all. Maybe I'll have more coherent thoughts about Batman later. I also recommend checking out Cleolinda's thoughts. She thinks good thoughts.

Oh! And yay for 3 seconds of Cillian Murphy! AND FOR CHRISTIAN BALE ON THE RED MOTORCYCLE.

Speaking of the Dark Knight, the Dark Knight grabs the biggest weekend opening ever. I'm sure it'll have the biggest first week, too. BTW - in this week's box office game, I was only off on the total of the Dark Knight by a couple hundred thousand. I rock. Snarky batman e-cards at Oh, and Heath's FHM interview. More on the box office. Note the figures have since been revised and anyway it just baaarely missed 200 mil for global (I left a comment to that effect).

Speaking of Watchmen, EW's exclusive first look. Q&A with Alan Moore. Patrick Wilson Says ‘Watchmen’ Ending Remains The Same.

And because nothing should ever be held too sacred; Dark Knight Cameos, Christian Bale, To the Owl-Copter!!

Uh. I don't know how to describe this.

22 best comic book films

The Emmys were announced! Who got snubbed? (Plus, all time 50 biggest emmy snubs) At least Flight of the Conchords got some Emmy lovin, if not best comedic actors... (they're up for writing, too) Emmys: EW critics react and Tin Man, Battlestar Galactica Get Emmy Nods. I still really want to see Tin Man

Comic Con sneak preview Featuring the Spirit, Star Trek (which I don't so much care about, but how much does Zacahry Quinto win the spock look-a-like award?), Terminator Salvation (hello pretty), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Max Payne, the Day the Earth Stood Still, Rocknrolla and... what is this Unborn thing? Why is crazy Gary Oldman screaming? Man, I wish I were going to Comic Con. Check out io9's annotated schedule here.

Justin Theroux to write Iron Man 2. Hmmm... Dedication has yet to reach the top of my queue, so I'll reserve judgement.

CSI news!!! William Petersen leaving! CSI's season of change! We can has more Greg now?

Bits and Bobs vol 3. I love it. A gathering place for Anglophile pop culture junkies. I love it so much.

Join my slow movie movement... eventually. It's so true. I had meant to get around to Forgetting Sarah Marshall... oops. And I want to see the Fall, which bizarrely is still out here. I need to get on that.

Neil Gaiman Celebrates ‘Sandman’ Anniversary With New Comic And More.

I forget if I posted this, so: New Trailer for 'The Spirit'

‘The Dark Knight’ Debate: Who Should Be The Villain In ‘Batman 3′? Can't this wait? No, wait... Scarecrow! Bring back Cillian!

Finally! 'Wicked' to Get a Movie Makeover.

The 'Terminator Salvation' Teaser

Ponyo on the Cliff Japanese trailer

This made me laugh: 'Daily Show' Tackles Bizarre Trend of Middle-Aged Women Enjoying Sex [Cougars].

The fifty worst sex scenes of all time. AHHH.

Annotated Picks for Comic-Con [Comic-con 2008]

Christian protests may leave 'The Golden Compass' as one of a kind Aww... that's too bad. I enjoyed the first one. I think I would've liked it even more had they not watered down the faith aspect. Also - it did a ton of money at the box office, you'd think that would engender a sequel.
Frog Bites Disney. Seriously?

Harvey Weinstein explains why he dumps movies Wibba? No Houdini flick?

Underrated music movies

Enough LaBouef HAhahaha

Page to Screen: Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist

New Jibjab vid

"You know, I've seen a lot of 'behind the scenes' photographs over the years, but these latest from Crank 2: High Voltage win the "what the heck is going on here?" award, hands down."

Update: It's taken me a couple of days to put this all together, and in that time; Did Batman assault his mother and sister? And already Phanatic wins for best comment, ever; "Of course he didn't. Aaron Eckhart did, Christian Bale's just taking the rap. "

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