Thursday, March 11, 2010


So... just heard about the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF, not to be confused with BIFF). Seems weird, but possibly fun. They have Red, White and Blue, starring Noah Taylor, which looked like it might be interesting. They also seem to have some shorts programs which are solely music videos. (I also thought Suck - the vampire movie with Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and... Moby - was playing, but it turns out it's a different film called Stuck! Ah well.)

Also, I just realized that Red Riding 1983 and the White Ribbon left theaters like yesterday. Whoops. At least 1983 is on On Demand and hopefully the White Ribbon will be on DVD soon. I have so much to see! A Prophet, Terribly Happy, The Ghost Writer, Alice in Wonderland, plus the John Ford Festival is on, the Red Shoes is playing this week, as is La Traviata and Terminator 2 and then NEXT week the Secret of Kells, Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and the Runaways are all opening. Along with the Brattle's Big Top Cinema fest.

*sigh.* Life is hard. ;)

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