Thursday, March 4, 2010

Predicting the WRONG Oscars...

Over at Awards Daily, you can try to get all your Oscar predictions wrong. So the ones you don't think have a hope in hell of winning. Here are mine:

Picture: Blind Side
Actor: Morgan Freeman (Invictus)
Actress: Helen Mirren (Last Station)
Supp. Actor: Christopher Plummer (Last Station)
Supp. Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart) [I keep a running total of awards bestowed by various critics groups and awards shows at the end of the year? I think she is the only nominee not to have a single thing next to her name. No chance. I don't say this to be down on her - she's fab, but no chance this year. Glad she got some recognition from the academy, though.]
Director: Lee Daniels (Precious)
Adapted Screenplay: Precious
Original Screenplay: Up
Animated: Princess & the Frog
Foreign: The Milk of Sorrow
Documentary: Burma VJ
Score: Sherlock Holmes
Song: Loin de Paname
Cinematography: Harry Potter
Costume: Bright Star (*SNIFF!*)
Art Direction: Nine (I REFUSE to put Imaginarium.)
Makeup: Il Divo
Sound Mixing: Inglorious Basterds
Editing: Precious
Sound Editing: Up
Doc Short: The Last Campaign of Gov. Booth Gardner
Live Short: New Tenants
Visual Effects: Star Trek
Animated Short: French Roast

Least certain about Live short, since I have seen a prediction for every single one of the nominated films...

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Jessica said...

2 wrong! How shocking!