Thursday, April 8, 2010

IFF Boston

The schedule is up!! And thank god festival genius is running! Looks like I'll make it to all of my must-sees, and a few others that look interesting and that I have some free time for. Can't make the Convention, which I feel like I just heard something about. But maybe I'm confusing it with Edward Norton's Obama doc?

Not making it to many docs in general, but what are you going to do when Erasing David is up against the Freebie, October County is opposite I am Love or Taqwacore is at the same time as Perrier's Bounty?

However, barring unforseen catastrophes, it looks like I'll be hitting up 17 films in 8 days. Hee. Ha ha. MWAHAHAHA.....

Also also: Did I not just say this?

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