Saturday, April 3, 2010

Odds and ends

Breaking Upwards is being released and getting good reviews. Seriously?? Ugh.

Saw Red, White and Blue at the Underground Film Fest. Really good, and really disturbing. I suppose it would be called a horror film, but it isn't supernatural in any way. It's flawed people in bad situations doing nasty things to each other. It's far more character-driven than most horror films and it's really well done. But I do have to point out that I don't remember the last time I saw violence so graphic and realistic on screen that I couldn't watch it. But it's still a really beautiful film. Odd juxtaposition, I know, but it's well worth checking out. Noah Taylor is fantastic. I've liked him in supporting roles for years and I need to check out some of his other work.

There's an interview with the director here (scroll down).

iWire has an interesting article on the first quarter of indie releases. It's nothing like last year, but there's a strong crop of releases. 16 have already crossed 1 million, and I'm sure the next 3 will as well. I am glad to see that Imaginarium did a bit better than I thought it had and that the Oscar shorts program is going strong. Can't wait to see the Ghost Writer, A Prophet and the Runaways...

A Cannes wish list. I want to see Black Swan (Aronofsky), maybe Fair Game (I like Doug Liman, but Valerie Plame?), the Fighter (David O. Russell), Kaboom, Rabbit Hole (John Cameron Mitchell), the Rum Diary, the Tempest (ALREADY - Taymor), Three (Twyker), Tree of Life (Malick), the Way Back (Weir), and What's Wrong with Virginia (Dustin Lance Black).

iW also has an article on IFF Boston.

Right - I'm going to try to get a lot done today so that I can go out and catch one of those indies. :)

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