Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IFF Boston

Running tally. I like the way they do it on First Showing, so....

The Extra Man - liked it
Perrier's Bounty - loved it
Cracks - didn't like it
Winter's Bone - loved it (loved, loved, loved it)
Down Terrace
- liked it
s Package (narrative)
  • Voice on the line - didn't like it
  • One Last Cigarette - didn't like it
  • Out in That Deep Blue Sea - liked it
  • Monkeywrench - loved it
  • Athena - loved it
October Country - liked it
Cell 211 - loved it
Anne Perry: Interiors - liked it
The Killer Inside Me - loved it
Tiny Furniture - liked it
Shorts Package (animation)
  • Invisible Loneliness - hated it
  • Junko's Shamisen - loved it
  • One Square Mile of Earth - liked it
  • Varmints - liked it
  • Sebastian's Voodoo - loved it
  • Wisdom Teeth - loved it. LOVED IT.
Marwencol - liked it
Micmacs - liked it

A note on my imperfect ranking system; if you asked me what I thought of both The Extra Man and Cracks, I'd say, "Meh. It was okay. 3 stars." But since I went into The Extra Man with low expectations, and cracks with high ones, one ended up as liked and one as didn't like. Disappointment or being pleasantly surprised sort of skews things...

I think after tonight (Micmacs!) I'll rank the films in order. Because overkill is a good thing.

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