Saturday, June 22, 2013

Emmy wishes

Emmy voting ends next week, so I wanted to go ahead and put together my dream nominees.

First up, I want Hannibal to win all the production design emmys there are - best lighting, best sound design, it can tie Breaking Bad for best cinematography, best food design, best music, best nightmare fodder, best ravenstag...

Also, as Vulture pointed out, Robin Wright wins best haircut.

Best Drama
Breaking Bad
The Good Wife
House of Cards

Game of Thrones is a maybe to me. It got stronger as the season went on, but a couple of the early episodes were very much centered around moving people into position and not particularly strong on their own. I thought Homeland was weaker this season. And I'm currently watching season 2 of Boardwalk Empire, so I can't comment there. I've also heard good things about Rectify and the Americans. And Sons of Anarchy, which I'm sure I will get sucked into soon.

Best Actress - Drama
Claire Danes - Homeland
Tatiana Maslany - Orphan Black (which I haven't even seen yet, but damn.)
Juliana Margulies - The Good Wife
Robin Wright - House of Cards
Emmy Rossum - Shameless (Season 3 wasn't the strongest, but she does good work.)

Vera Farmiga is one of my favorite actresses in the entire world. But her Norma Bates... just didn't do it for me. :(

Best Actor - Drama
Timothy Olyphant - Justified
Hugh Dancy - Hannibal
Michael C.  Hall - Dexter
Bryan Cranston - Breaking Bad
Kevin Spacey - House of Cards

I do not like Hugh Dancy. (I don't know why. He's like Julia Roberts. He annoys me) And yet I am pretty concerned about Will Graham. I think he has done a pretty amazing job.

Best Supporting Actress - Drama
Natalie Dormer - Game of Thrones
Caroline Dhavernas - Hannibal
Jennifer Carpenter - Dexter
Kate Mara - House of Cards
Christine Baranski - The Good Wife

Sheesh. I didn't think last season was Anna Gunn's strongest work. I thought Michelle Fairley was stronger in season 1 of GoT. Morena Baccarin was better on firefly, but maybe the Homeland love will sweep her along (really, her daughter on tv got more to play then she did). Archie Panjabi didn't get as much to do this last year, although she should almost get a sympathy nod for how horrendous her storyline was. I've heard brilliant things about Monica Potter on Parenthood. If Joanne Froggatt gets nominated I will break my tv.

Best Supporting Actor - Drama
Walton Goggins - Justified
Mads Mikkelsen - Hannibal (his bit in the ambulance bay just killed me. But seriously, he is SO GOOD in this.)
Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones
Mandy Patinkin - Homeland
Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad
Corey Stoll - House of Cards
Jonathan Banks - Breaking Bad
William H. Macy - Shameless

I mentioned on another blog that I normally rage at the emmys for overlooking Walton Goggins, but that I would unleash my unused 'Hannibal gets canceled' tantrum if Mads Mikkelsen doesn't pick up a supporting nod. To which someone rightly pointed out, whom do you cheer for if the emmys get it right and nominate both?

I've heard good things about Bobby Cannavale on Boardwalk, but, again. Not there yet. And... please not Freddie Highmore. He seems like a lovely kid, but Bates Motel was wildly underwhelming. Also, sorry Christian Borle. You were the best of Smash...

Best Guest Actress - Drama

Gillian Anderson - Hannibal
Martha Plimpton - The Good Wife
Carrie Preston - The Good Wife
Stockard Channing - The Good Wife
Diana Rigg - Game of Thrones

I'd also be okay with Joan Cusack on Shameless, Marin Ireland from Homeland, or Laura Fraser from Breaking Bad. Hell, even Jennifer Hudson on Smash if they'll let her sing?

Best Guest Actor - Drama
Eddie Izzard - Hannibal
Dylan Baker - The Good Wife
Michael J. Fox - The Good Wife
Nathan Lane - The Good Wife
Rupert Friend - Homeland
Walton Goggins - Sons of Anarchy
Jim Beaver - Justified
Matthew Perry - The Good Wife

Best Direction - Drama
House of Cards - DAVID FINCHER
Justified - John Dahl?
Breaking Bad - much as I adore Rian Johnson and would like to see him up for 51, George Mastras HAS to be up for Dead Freight. Maybe Michelle MacLaren for Madrigal?
Hannibal - between David Slade and Guillermo Navarro, these episodes were some of the most beautifully shot on tv.
Game of Thrones - the season got better, and I'm assuming a couple of the final episodes were submitted. I'm guessing David Nutter for Rains of Castamere. Maybe Michelle MacLaren for the Bear and the Maiden Fair?

Best Comedy
30 Rock
New Girl
Parks and Recreaction

Best Actress - Comedy

Amy Poehler - Parks and Rec
Tina Fey - 30 Rock
Zooey Deschanel - New Girl
Lena Dunham - Girls

I've heard great things about Enlightened? It would be nice to give Laura Dern something? Also, I haven't seen Veep yet.

Best Actor - Comedy

Jake Johnson - New Girl
Adam Scott - Parks and Rec
Matt LeBlanc - Episodes

??? Jim Parsons? Don Cheadle? I dunno. No one I really care about. 

Best Supporting Actress - Comedy

Jane Krakowski - 30 Rock
Mayim Bialik - Big Bang Theory
Anna Chlumsky - Veep

And ditto. 

Best Supporting Actor - Comedy

Max Greenfield - New Girl
Will Arnett - Arrested Development
Nick Offerman - Parks and Rec
Jason Sudekis - SNL
David Cross - Arrested Development

Best Guest Actress - Comedy
Elaine Strich - 30 Rock
Catherine O'Hara - 30 Rock
Kristin Wiig - SNL
Liza Minnelli - Arrested Development
Octavia Spencer - 30 Rock

Best Guest Actor - Comedy

Will Arnett - 30 Rock
Martin Short - SNL
Bryan Cranston - 30 Rock
Steve Buscemi - 30 Rock
Patrick Wilson - Girls

(30 Rock: The Good Wife of guest acting spots)

Best Miniseries/Movie
Top of the Lake
American Horror Story: Asylum
Parades End
The Hour
Probably Behind the Candelabra, but I haven't seen it yet

Best Actress - M/M

Jessica Lange - AHS: Asylum
Elisabeth Moss - Top of the Lake
Romola Garai - The Hour

Best Actor - M/M
I'm sure you'll get Behind the Candelabra, Al Pacino (because), probably Bandersnatch Cumberband because Sherlock isn't on this year (not mocking! I want him in!), but PLEASE people: Ben Whishaw - The Hour.

Best Supporting Actress - M/M

Holly Hunter - Top of the Lake
Sarah Paulson - AHS: Asylum
Lily Rabe - AHS: Asylum
Chloe Sevigny - AHS: Asylum
Janet McTeer - Parades End

Best Supporting Actor - M/M
Zachary Quinto - AHS: Asylum
Jeffrey Tambor - Phil Spector
Peter Mullan - Top of the Lake
Evan Peters - AHS: Asylum

And.... hmmm. James Cromwell - AHS? David Wenham/Thomas Wright - Top of the Lake. ROB LOWE - Behind the Candelabra?! (Yessss....)

Best Variety
Daily Show
Colbert Report
Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Bill Maher - I mean I'm guessing. I only ever see clips from these.

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Jessica said...

Oh, god. I COMPLETELY forgot Ian McShane as Guest actor for American Horror (or supporting? I don't know that M/M gets guest categories?) and Ray Stevenson for guest actor on Dexter.