Monday, December 27, 2010

Wow, a regularly updated blog

What a concept! I'm working on my year-end wrap up, but I'm hoping to catch 3 more oscar bait films before I settle on my rankings. Until then, enjoy a few odds and ends:

Will Studios Really Learn from the Flops of 2010?

10 Most Beautiful Films of 2010 I want to see Sweetgrass and I agree with Never Let Me Go. However, I'd throw in a lot of the Oscar contenders (Black Swan, Social Network, Inception) and Harry Potter 7. And TRON (it's so shiny!)

Bad science in movies

Is Netflix screwing itself over by focusing on streaming? Well, seeing as my DVD queue has 500 things on it and my instant queue has 275, I'd say yes. At least until the options for streaming are as plentiful, and given the access fees I don't see that happening.

Jon Stewart as Edward R. Murrow
? I feel it overstates his impact, but I liked this; "He so pithily articulated the argument that once it was made, it was really hard to do anything else."

I totally want a skull business card holder now.

Best/Worst in Sci-Fi and Fantasy films of 2010. Love the Crazies and Predators love.

Winter's Bone and the Rural Noir

Speaking of actresses this year

What were your favorite movie scenes of 2010? I agree with the Black Swan dance, the opening of the Social Network, and the hallway fight in Inception. Also the Three Brothers sequence in Harry Potter. And one of my absolute favorites would be Lisbeth's moment of triumph in the courtroom in the Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

THIS is interesting for two reasons. 1 - because it is an interesting analysis and article in its own right and 2 - because the bottom infographic confirms something I had thought for awhile now. Look at what a TINY percentage Blu-ray sales make up compared to DVDs. And now look at this. 5 DVD deals to 15 Blu-ray deals. Okay - maybe the blu-ray deals are because they were too bullish about production. But, man, I want the sales focus to remain on what I actually might buy!

The Daily Mail's Blockbuster Quiz! I got 26.


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