Monday, January 31, 2011


Tori Amos is writing a musical. This is fabulous. (However, I like this performance here. And this one. And this one. Right. Stopping now.)

The Faces Behind Facebook.

If The King's Speech Gets Re-Edited to PG-13, It Doesn't Deserve the Oscar. Well, it doesn't deserve the Oscar anyway, but...

In honor of Sundance.... 10 Great Scenes from Sundance History. (Includes the fabulous note; "If film bloggers were dolphins, hype would be their echolocation.")

And Sundance actors to watch
. And another crop.

What do the SAG awards have against Rooney Mara?

10 Reasons to Watch Archer instead of 30 Rock.

Truthful Best Picture Posters

The history of hip hop.

This answers my questions about Inception's editing snub. Kinda.

Car chases, Whee!

The writer of An American Tail and Land Before Time died. Land Before Time was my second-favorite film growing up. "That's MY Hopper!" Excuse me, I've got something in my eye....

Here is my worry about the reality show about the Giants; (mostly, the more I can watch them, the happier I am. But...) Brian Wilson might start coming to practice dressed as Chuck Norris. And I really want the focus to stay on winning.

And speaking of the Giants.


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Roscoe said...

Yay Archer! (I didn't look at the link, but assuming it's animated spies)