Sunday, April 10, 2011

'Dishonour and Depredation!' said the Needles and Pins. 'Degradation and Dismay!'

A quick few random tidbits;

From this weekend's Ask Mick LaSalle;

Dear Mick LaSalle: I was amazed that "Never Let Me Go" was not one of the 10 best nominees of 2010. Why didn't it get any nominations?
Bob Zimmerman, Lafayette

Dear Bob Zimmerman: It can't have helped that it's about the most depressing movie imaginable. Academy voters get DVDs of the Oscar contenders, and a movie's chances go down if viewers feel like killing themselves after an hour.

Awwww.... poor Never Let Me Go. (You should still see it! It's gorgeous and sad.)

I think I may have posted this before, but in case not: you should check out Selene, an EP inspired by Moon (Moooooooooooon!). It even samples Clint Mansell's score.

The Giants get their rings. And members of the SF Symphony play Aaron Copeland. *snnnniff!*

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