Monday, April 18, 2011

RIP Cinematical

The death of Cinematical:

AOL vs. Cinematical: the Final(ish) Chapter

AOL's Huffington Overhauls Online Brands Moviefone and Cinematical

Two of Cinematical's editors on what happened

What bums me out about this is that Cinematical was the first movie blog I discovered. I had noticed that the content had gone downhill since it merged with Moviefone and now it is dead. I'm pretty sure all of this happened over... 4 years? Ah internet life cycles.

One more thing on Sucker Punch Huh.

Scream 4 is getting surprisingly good reviews. I also liked this look back at the series, particularly this note; "There’s an interesting subtext behind the Scream movies, because the trilogy almost perfectly maps the creative rise and moral fall of Miramax."

Reactions to The Franchise (Hey! I like watching regular baseball!)

This is early days yet, and could very well change, but I think it is a perfect merger of director and project: Matt Reeves and The Passage.

"I feel like, just anecdotally, a lot of times when you get out, it’s that point of purchase moment at the theater, if you’re with your boyfriend or your husband, and they go, 'well I want to see ‘Transformers’,' and you go, 'O.K.' Ladies gotta say no to their husbands at the movies. They gotta say: 'No, we are watching back-to-back cancer movies. And then this movie about a cat.'" Tina Fey on how women can gain more economic control of the movie business. [Via]

More movies about cats!

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