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The Golden Trailers!

The Golden Trailers are on tomorrow! Let's take a look at some of the categories (included here via Movieline.) [Ed. note: I'm including a lot of the trailers from the Golden Trailer site. They seem to not always play with sound. Try refreshing.]

Best Action
Inception “Control”, Warner Bros., BLT:AV
Sucker Punch “Trailer”, Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures, Mojo
The Town “This Side”, Warner Bros., Wild Card
Unstoppable “Domestic Trailer”, 20th Century Fox, Ignition Creative

Inception is a beautiful trailer (even though I can't see it now without thinking of this). But I feel like there were other Sucker Punch trailers that highlighted the fighting better. Inception on this one.

Best Animation/Family
Cars 2 “Spies Are Us”, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, mOcean
Gnomeo & Juliet, Walt Disney Studios, The Ant Farm
Hop “Battle For Easter”, 20th Century Fox, Cimarron Entertainment
Rango “Teaser”, Paramount Pictures, The Ant Farm


Best Comedy
Bad Teacher “Hot For Teacher”, Columbia, Seismic Productions
The Hangover Part II “Trailer #3”, Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures, BLT:AV
The Other Guys “Return to Glory”, Columbia, Seismic Productions
Paul “Trailer”, Universal/Working Title, Workshop Creative

Best Documentary
Catfish, Universal Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Life in a Day “Best Day Ever Trailer, Scott Free/National Geographic, Empire Design

Running America, Nehst, Mighty Pictures
The Tillman Story “Trailer 1”, The Weinstein Company/ A&E Indie Films, Zealot Productions Inc.

Best Drama
127 Hours, Fox Searchlight/Pathe, Motive

Hereafter, “Connection”, Warner Bros., Wild Card
The King’s Speech, The Weinstein Company, AV Squad
The Social Network ,”Domestic Trailer #2”, Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

I love the way 127 Hours crescendos, but I think it goes on a bit too long. And the Social Network trailer was the most attention grabbing and interesting trailer to come out last year.

Best Horror
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, “Whisper”, Miramax, Buddha Jones
The Last Exorcism, Lionsgate, Mojo

Let Me In, “More”, Overture/Hammer/Relativity Films, Buddha Jones
The Rite, “Proof”, New Line Cinema, Aspect Ratio

Best Independent Trailer
It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Focus Features, Big Science Film, Inc
Martha Marcy May Marlene, “Can’t Wait”, Fox Searchlight, Acme Trailer Company
Tree of Life, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates
Winter’s Bone, Roadside Attractions, AV Squad

Tree of Life on this one.

Best Music
Battle: Los Angeles, “Prepare”, Columbia/Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wild Card
Rabbit Hole, “Trailer 1A”, Lionsgate, Ignition
The Social Network, “Trailer 2”, Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Sucker Punch, “Trailer”, Warner Bros., Mojo

Huh. I thought one of the Sucker Punch trailers had the Sweet Dreams cover, but maybe not. Social Network again. That Radiohead cover is genius.

Best Romance
Beginners, Focus Features, Mark Woollen & Associates
Blue Valentine, “Trailer 1”, The Weinstein Company, Zealot Productions Inc
Love and Other Drugs, “Match Trailer”, 20th Century Fox, Empire Design
Something Borrowed, “Best Things”, Alcon Entertainment/Warner Bros., Trailer Park

Ach. Blue Valentine. Hands down.

Best Thriller
Black Swan, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates
Buried, “Trailer 1A”, Lionsgate, Ignition
Super 8, Paramount Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates

Unknown, “Puzzle”, Warner Bros., AV Squad

Hmm. Black Swan builds really well, but Buried is super original. It's hard to tell now if the dread from the Black Swan trailer is from also having seen the film, or just good editing and music. I might give the Buried poster, which uses the same effect, an edge in a poster competition, but I'll pick the Black Swan trailer here.

The Don LaFontaine Award for Best Voice Over
Biutiful, “Intl Trailer”, Focus Features International, Mark Woollen & Associates
Born To Be Wild, “Evolution”, Warner Bros. Pictures, Mob Scene Creative + Productions
The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc Sec, “UK Trailer”, Optimum Releasing, The Editpool
Tangled, “Flynn’s Story”, Walt Disney Studios, mOcean

Adele Blanc Sec! Adele Blanc Sec!

Golden Fleece
Burlesque, “Make A Star”, Screen Gems, Seismic Productions
Faster, “Int’l Trailer B”, Sony Pictures Releasing, Tao Creative
Stone, “Trailer”, Overture Films, In Sync Advertising
The Tourist, “Domestic Trailer”, Columbia, Create Advertising Group

For those who don't know, this is for the best trailer of the worst movie. Some strong contenders here, but I'd say Burlesque. It made the movie look fun and Chicago-esque. It was not. The Tourist trailer is exceptionally well-made, it shows off Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp is amusing, and my heart can't help but flutter when Map of the Problematique kicks in. (Seriously - Muse is good for trailers.) Then again, this trailer also makes Johnny Depp look puffy and tired, which is pretty criminal.

Most Original Trailer
Battle: Los Angeles, “Prepare”, Columbia/Fox Searchlight, Wild Card
Buried, “Trailer 1A”, Lionsgate, Ignition
The Social Network, “Domestic Trailer #2”, Sony Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Tree of Life, Fox Searchlight, Mark Woollen & Associates

Hmmm. All good picks. But I feel like Tree of Life and Social Network are variations on a theme done especially well or creatively. There must have been a trailer for a horror film at some point almost entirely in the dark, but I can't think of one, so I'll pick Buried.

Summer 2011 Blockbuster Trailer
Cowboys & Aliens, “Domestic Trailer”, Universal Pictures/Paramount Pictures, Ignition Creative
Pirates of the Caribbean 4, “Jack”, Walt Disney Pictures, Create Advertising Group
Super 8, Paramount Pictures, Mark Woollen & Associates
Transformers: Dark of the Moon, “Alien Secret”, Paramount Pictures, Wild Card

I like Cowboys & Aliens a lot personally, but I know the first trailer didn't strike the right tone with some. Pirates sells the whole concept incredibly well. Let's go with Pirates.

Trashiest Trailer
F, “UK Trailer”, Optimum Releasing, The Editpool
Hobo With A Shotgun, “Red Band”, Magnet, AV Squad
Machete, “Machete Int’l Trailer B”, Sony Pictures Releasing Int’l, Tao Creative
Piranha 3D, “Waiting”, Dimension Films, Buddha Jones

Machete would have won if it were the first one (from Grindhouse). So Hobo with a Shotgun it is!

Best Foreign Action Trailer
22 Bullets, “German Trailer”, Europa Corp/Central Film/Wild Bunch, Trailerhaus
Carlos, “German Trailer”, Warner Bros. Pictures, Trailerhaus
Centurion, Magnolia Pictures, Kinetic Trailers
Valhalla Rising, “Theatrical Trailer”, IFC Films, Kinetic Trailers

Hmm... I like the Britishy Centurion, but the Lost copy-cat line puts me off. I like Carlos, too, so I'll pick that one.

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer
Potiche, “Trailer 1”, Music Box Films, Zealot Productions Inc
Soul Kitchen, “Soul Kitchen”, IFC Films, Big Science Film, Inc
Submarine, “Trailer 1”, The Weinstein Company, Zealot Productions Inc
Wild Target, Vue Entertainment/Free Style Releasing, Create Advertising Group


Best Foreign Drama Trailer
Empire of Silver, Neo Classics Films, Big Science Film, Inc.
The King’s Speech, “Trailer 1”, Momentum Pictures, Zealot Productions Inc
Life, Above All, “Theatrical Trailer”, Sony Pictures Classics, Kinetic Trailers
Oranges and Sunshine, “Trailer 1”, Icon Films, Zealot Productions Inc

Life, Above All.

Best Foreign Horror/Thriller Trailer
F, “UK Trailer”, Optimum Releasing, The Editpool
I Saw the Devil, “Red Band”, Magnet, AV Squad
REC2, “Red Band”, Magnet, AV Squad
Silent House, “Theatrical Trailer”, IFC Films, Kinetic Trailers

Most Original Foreign Trailer
Drei, “Main Trailer”, X Verleih, Fleischmann Trailer
REC2, “Red Band”, Magnet, AV Squad
Rubber, “Greenband Trailer 1”, Magnolia Pictures, Zealot Productions Inc
Wasted on the Young, “Teaser”, Paramount, The Solid State

Drei. I love this trailer. I can't wait for the film!

I'll check back in later this week with the winners...

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