Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs

Hmmm..... intriguing.

So I discovered the Kaiser Chiefs while I was living in Ireland. They're a good band, although their second and third albums didn't quite live up to their first. Still, there are lots of their songs that I like. Anyways, they have an intriguing concept going on. I'll let Amanda Palmer explain here. I thought I would just play around with the album creator for a bit, and then either buy someone else's album or download a few songs to see which I liked and then create one. But the album creator is REALLY fun to play around with, and an hour later; voila! Instant personalized Kaiser Chiefs record. It's a pretty ingenious concept. It discourages piracy, encourages word of mouth promotion, and it will let the band know which of the songs are resonating most with visitors. Very smart! Anyways - if you don't have an hour to play around on the creator, you can also buy my album (link below), and you get the 10 songs I picked, the album art I created, and I get 1 pound in my pay pal account. Nifty, eh?


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