Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best movie posters of 2012

The best posters of the year! First, a few of the runners-up:

 It was a good year for our 16th president.

These two were my favorites of the Dark Knight posters. Even when I had my qualms about catwoman, I loved the razor heel shattering the batarang in the rain. And the Bane propaganda poster is fab, too.

Zero Dark Thirty could be included in this redacted theme, but... not as nice a poster.

 And a few more:


10. Dark Shadows. The movie is supposedly not so good, but I loved this line of character posters - bold and different. 

9. Killer Joe. Chicken.

8. Skyfall. Horizontal action on a vertical poster, the pure white background, the credits in the middle - all wonderful.

7. Looper. Simple, effective, eye-catching.

 6. Wolverine. Not till next year, but this poster is gorgeous.

5. Moonrise Kingdom. You can tell it's Wes Anderson from across the lobby.

4. The Amazing Spider-Man. Oh, if the finished film had lived up to the advertising. 

 3. Django Unchained. Yes.

2. Cabin in the Woods. Escher!

1. Killing Them Softly. All of them.

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Jessica said...

There's a similar post that just went up on MUBI - and I missed all the cute Paranorman posters!