Saturday, December 15, 2012

Post 300!

My brother just posted his 300th post and, serendipitously, this one is mine. However, whereas he is a writer, and his post is thoughtful and reflective... yeah. I'm not a writer. You should go read his. But it is nice to look back at 5 years and see how much has happened and how much one has accomplished. It reminds me a bit of this SMBC comic, which I quite like. I love the idea of being great at somthing new every 7 years. So in my case, by 14 I was a singer and I had sung professionally. By 21 I was a scholar - I was really great at prep school. By 28, I was a traveler, and had gone around the world by myself. By 35... who knows?! I potentially will have been at my dream organization for 7 years, so maybe career woman? Super-environmentalist? I've been trying to get better at photography. I have plans to do some serious hiking. I could learn to camp in back-country. I could finally stick with guitar lessons long enough to really learn it. I could learn to cook. Or do yoga. Or speak a third language. Anyways, it's a nice little "the world is your oyster" reminder.

(I realize now that I had remembered the comic wrong and he starts at 11. Lazybones.)

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