Saturday, March 1, 2014

Top 20 Films of 2013

Given that this is.... a good two months late, and I just HAVEN'T been able to get to some of the films I really want to see, I'm just going to go ahead and post my list. But instead of little mini review/synopses, I'm going to do it a little differently and look at box office gross for my favorites.

So I actually quite enjoyed the top 2 films this year (the Hunger Games  - $416M and Iron Man 3 - $409M). (And I love that the top grossing film starred a woman for the first time in 40 years.) But I thought I'd include box office totals on my top 20 list. Even with Gravity, the top films on this list don't equal one of those. I just find it sad when really great films are completely unknown from the larger public. Okay, documentaries rarely make a lot of money, and ones on genocide are not going to bring in huge crowds. But there are so many interesting films out there that make less than 2 million dollars. That's fewer than 250,000 people seeing said film in theaters. Le sigh.

First up, two that I don't think made it out this year:
The Last Step (Not released?)
The Kill Team (release in 2014? I thought maybe HBO was going to show it?)

And my top 20:
20. Stories We Tell ($1.6M)
19. Philomena ($23.1M)
18. Prince Avalanche ($205K)
17. Kill Your Darlings ($1.0M)
16. Much Ado About Nothing ($4.3M)
15. The Kings of Summer ($1.3M)
14. The Hunt ($613K)
13. All is Lost  ($6.1M)
12. Nebraska ($9M) 
11. The World's End ($26.0M)
10. Stoker ($1.7M)
9. Rush  ($26.9M)
8. Leviathan ($76K)
7. Spring Breakers ($14.1M)
6. Wolf of Wall Street ($84.8M)
5. Gravity ($256M)
4. Upstream Color ($444K)
3. Inside Llewyn Davis ($10.3M)
2. The Act of Killing ($464K)
1. 12 Years a Slave ($39.5M)

And here's the list of films I didn't get to:
Ain't Them Bodies ($391K)
The Great Beauty ($1.1M)
The Past ($279K)
Dallas Buyers Club ($16.9M)
Place Beyond the Pines ($21.4M)
Broken Circle Breakdown ($108K)
Bling Ring ($5.8M)
Pain & Gain ($49.9M)
Prisoners ($61M)
Blue Jasmine ($33.1M)
Blue is the Warmest Color ($2.1M)
Laurence Anyways (n/a)
Mud ($21.6M)
Post Tenebras Lux ($39K)
A Touch of Sin ($137K)
Grandmaster ($6.6M)
At Berkeley ($29K)
Short Term 12 ($1.0M)
Fill the Void ($1.8M)
Something in the Air ($73K)
Shadow Dancer ($101K)
20 Feet from Stardom ($4.8M)
Fruitvale Station ($16.1M)
Spectacular Now ($6.9M)
We Are What We Are ($81K)
In a World ($3M)
Europa Report ($126K)
Blancanieves ($800K)
Sightseers ($41K)
A Hijacking ($414K)
The Square ($53K)
Sound City ($423K)
Lore ($970K)

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