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We'll see if I keep this up...

I think Zachary Quinto has been sporting those frames to cover up his Spock eyebrows. Also, I love that the interviewer just said, "I loved you in that sci-fi show... the one with Dylan McDermott... I can't remember the name..." (And I'm guessing a certain segment of tumblr just freaked out over that.)

Anyone sitting in the "fashion skyway" should know that Berenice Bejo is not wearing an empire waist. Come on, people. (That said, sea foam and sparkles with sheer sleeves is a little 80s. And with her forehead, I wouldn't have her hair pulled back like that, although I really like the design of the braid.)

I've switched over to E! Hmmm.... Not sure about Melissa McCarthy's dress.

Also, I only caught a glimpse of Missi Pyle and again with the sea foam. It is also apparently cruelty free to silk worms? I don't understand.

Jane Seymour? I need a better look, but that looks very shiny. In a bad way.

WOW. Jessica Chastain. WIN.

Shelaine Woodley. No. Too matronly for someone so young.

Rose Byrne is also very pretty (as always) but I want to see it pull length. It looks very sparkly.

JUDY GREER! She looks wonderful! Column and sparkly and WOW.

Hmm- reading an interview with one of the Oscar writers and Jimmy Fallon's name came up for oscar host. I think that's a fab idea.

Ah - Jessica Chastain is in Alexander McQueen. No wonder I love it.

Ellie Kemper looks cute in copper sparkles. Sparkles seem to be the look this year.

Love the color on Maya Rudolph but it looks too tight on her.

From the Fug Girls; "We've decided that Jonah Hill still has the weird Nazi-slick hair because he wants Captain Von Trapp to glare at him sternly, maybe sneak in a punch, and then sing Edelweiss."

BTW - I will switch and hide most of this post when we get to the ceremony. 

@Billy Crystal - Opening number changed. War Horse broke his leg, had to put him down. 

Stacey Kiebler is in gold lame with a rosette. Ugly.

Hmmm.... I like that Viola Davis chopped off her hair. I don't like that she dyed it. Green is a great color for her. 

Can't quite see Rooney Mara... 

I really like that Pharrell is helping out with the Oscars.

Stop showing just heads! I want gowns!

Love Michelle Williams hair and makeup. The dress is interesting and I wish it had a little less going on. Great color for her.  

Hmmm - I think I saw someone with James Earl Jones in an interesting dress.

Hmm- looking at Viola Davis, I wish her bust were slightly more covered. And  that there was one fewer ruffle going on in the skirt. Still, great color. 

YES. Ad for Mirror Mirror. This looks cracked out in all the right ways.  

Rooney Mara - exactly like everything else she has picked. I like the 20s feel to it, think it could be better. Just like what she always wears. That said, I love her hair and makeup. (I wish she could have worn her vogue dress

Ryan - coral is not a fruit.  

Janet McTeer looks fab in red. 

Ocatavia Spencer looks fabulous. White sparkles in a starburst pattern. So pretty!

Glenn Close looks awesome in a forest green dress with a fishtail and jacket.  

: Did anyone ever ask Ted Levine from Silence of the Lambs "who are you wearing?"

Hmm. Apparently Rooney brough Kate. I would love to see what she is wearing.

Jonah hill is in eggplant, which I like. I'm sorry to see he seems to have put the weight back on.

I love Jean Dujardin's wife's earrings. Covet.

Hmmm.... there is a woman who seems to be Jessica Chastain's handler who is rocking a collared silver leather dress and a black haircut and I WANT.

No Ryan! Don't talk to Sacha Baron Cohen - talk to Gary Oldman!!

The phrase "red carpet interviews are the worst thing that ever was" requires shockingly little qualifying.

Wow. Kate Mara is a hot mess.

Kristen Wiig looks awful. 

Adding in some photo links above now.

: PLEASE, Hollywood, stop enabling Sacha Baron Cohen. "The Dictator" looks SO TERRIBLE. OMG. -H

And more from the Fug Girls: "On second thought, we wish Sasha Baron Cohen HAD arrived in an egg. Then we wouldn't have to sit through this promo for his movie. He just spilled faux crematory ashes all over Seacrest, and Ryan is PEEVED. Legitimately mad about it. Giuliana and Kelly think it's hilarious. Ryan...does not."

JLo looks very JLo.  

I like Milla Jovovich's although the shoulder pad is odd. 

Oh my god - Emma Stone looks awful! I'm so sad! The neck bow, the eyeshadow - terrible! [Update: if Charlize Theron can't pull off a neck present NO ONE CAN.]

The bar has been set.  

Hmmm. Not sure about Melissa Leo. 

More on Ryan Seacrest.   

I think Christopher Plummer stole 's purple velvet dinner jacket.

Ha! Giuliana just called Stacey a trophy girlfriend. Hee.

Wow. Jessica Chastain is wearing $2M in jewelry.

: My guess about the Sacha Baron Cohen thing: He wanted to do that to someone during the show; they compromised that he could hit Seacrest.

Hmmm - I have to switch back to ABC since no one wants to be interviewed in the seacrest pile of dust and they've abandoned the red carpet.

Wow - Kristen Wiig's writing partner is in a gorgeous teal color.

Ooh - and someone in the background has a gorgeous one-shouldered red gown with black edging.

Wow - Tina Fey looks lovely. The color on ABC is different than E! Her dress is deep purple (it looked black on E!) [Update: and it looks navy in this photo. Who knows?!]

Yay Tim Gunn over Ryan Seacrest!

Ooh - Colin Firth's other looks HORRIBLE. (Also - some people may not know the ending to Tinker Tailor! Stop spoiling!)

Ooh - Gary Oldman's partner looks good.

Christopher Plummer's jacket. Um.

: "Welcome to the Kodak Theater, aka The We Created Digital Photography and Boy Do We Regret It Theater"

Wow - Kenneth Branagh is dating someone normal sized. That makes me happy.  

JLo manages to mention that she's from the Bronx AND includes herself in the oscar film community. Yeah right. 

I love that Nick Nolte can't understand his interviewer.  

I love the random people in the background. One woman has fuscia hair and a guy in a wheel chair got up walked over to a girl and dragged her back into the chair with him. Rock on with your bad selves.  

I like Penelope Cruz's lilac Armani dress, her haircut is TERRIBLE. 

Meryl Streep. Oh dear. (your bra is showing!) 

Anna Faris looks cute

: I have a crow.

Cameron Diaz. Ugh.  

: I can't believe ABC hasn't shown us GWYNETH IN A CAPE WHY IS THEIR COVERAGE SO SHITTY? - J 

More fuggirls: "Our long national nightmare of Jason Segel's hair appears to be over. Thank God." SO TRUE.  

WOW Bradley Cooper's mustache. WOW.  He plays along and does a bad Christopher Walken though.

Natalie Portman looks cute, if a little informal for the Oscars.  


Hmmm- the rumor is that Angelina is not there. That can't be right.  

How is George Clooney still getting interviewed? What kind of MC Escher carpet is this? 

I wish the red carpet coverage would show more gowns from less famous people. I don't want the endless awful interviews.

Ah. Brad Pitt is wonderful. He's grown on me over the years. I wish Moneyball had more of a shot.  Also - sad that Angelina is not there. I tend to love what she wears.

Sandra Bullock - the top is too loose, but it is otherwise nice.  

Wait, apparently Angie is there. Oh! She looks great! 

If anything could get me to use Google+, it would be the Muppets.  Or the spontaneous combustion of all other social networking sites. 

: I just watch the for the commercials.  

Ah. Maybe Tom Hanks should host at some point. He's precious.  

Brian Grazer has been doing shots of tequila. I like him.  


: These interviews were written by Aaron Sorkin.

Okay - swapping over. 

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